2017 has been a fantastic year for 4myschools. Our team has grown to be bigger and better with three new members to our team, including Penny Derby on the Norfolk/Suffolk Team, Jessica Stiles on the Essex Secondary Team and Jasmine Purcell as our Apprentice on the Compliance Team.

We have also been able to continue our Giving Back pursuits! Not only does every day of supply booked through 4myschools enable 35 Acts of Giving overseas, but we have also been able to continue to support Teaching and Learning locally.

Giving Back: Teaching and Learning in The East of England

4myschools have sponsored Chris Kilkenny and David Cameron for a week-long tour around schools in Essex in October, to deliver inspirational and thought-provoking presentations and discussions about the impact of poverty on education.

Chris and David interacted with approximately 2500 pupils and 700 staff and governors during their mammoth tour. Chris Kilkenny uses his life experience in the form of a constructed narrative to positively educate, debate and raise awareness of child poverty in the UK. He aims to change perceptions of child poverty, and effect the education and life opportunities for as many young people as possible.

Chris has experienced four failed school placements, children’s homes and residential rehabilitation centers and has a first-hand experience of being in the education system and living in poverty. Chris has identified some of the key elements that could be added to teacher practice to improve the lives of young people currently living in similar situations. Chris describes himself as being the “black box on an aircraft that has crashed…, filled with useful information gathered during that crash to prevent further failures by adapting the future builds and flight paths”

David Cameron has experience stretching from leadership of children’s services at authority level to the classroom, from the development of national educational policy to its implementation in schools and takes in work at national and regional level in both Scotland and England.

David superbly facilitated the discussions with Chris and inspired staff and governors to act from the lessons that could be learned from Chris’s experience, whilst remembering to continue to do what they are already doing so well.

Our sincere thanks to Headteacher Desi McKweon at The Deanes School and to Pen Mendonca a talented caricaturist for allowing us to share this incredible “mind-map” capturing the key points of both David’s and Chris’s presentation;


Essex Primary Schools

We are keen to support children in all areas of learning. We sponsored a Dance Battle which was organised by Margaretting Primary school for Primary Schools in Essex.

We have also supported the Brentwood Collaborative Partnership by sponsoring Nick Saunders’ motivational speech to encourage pupil engagement with all teachers and support staff in Essex

Association of Secondary Head Teachers in Essex

4myschools are delighted to be continuing to support ASHE and were pleased to attend their annual conference.

This year, 4myschools have sponsored Matthew Syed to speak to Essex Head Teachers and The Real David Cameron and Chris Kilkenny to deliver CPD to students and staff across Essex Secondary Schools.

4myschools have continued to support the Association of Secondary Head Teachers in Essex by sponsoring several courses including Heading for Headship.

Suffolk Primary Head Teachers Association (SPHA)

We have sponsored two speakers at conferences for SPHA; the energising Sue Hugo and the thought-provoking Andy Buck to inspire Head Teachers.

4myschools were also a main sponsor of the Suffolk Festival of Learning; celebrating educational achievement and hosting workshops, panels and debates for leaders in Suffolk Education.

Continued Professional Development is something key to 4myschools ethos and we have sponsored Mark Prentice and Colin Tapscott to deliver CPD to supply teachers in Suffolk and the surrounding areas.

Suffolk Association of Secondary Head Teachers (SASH)

We are delighted to have continued to support SASH and were the main sponsor and supporter at their two-day conference in July.

Official Sponsors of VNET

The Viscount Nelson Education Network (VNET) is a not-for-profit social enterprise designed to operate for the benefit of children and young people by assisting schools, academies and colleges to reach their goals in Norfolk. We are proud sponsors of VNET and look forward to continuing to support the Network.

The Joy of Not Knowing

4myschools were delighted to sponsor the guest of honour and keynote speaker; Marcelo Staricoff; Marcelo’s attributes include; Headteacher of Balfour Primary School, Brighton. Author of ‘Start Thinking’. Creator of the Joy of Not Knowing (JONK) Speaker on Learning to Learn, P4C and G&T

The Joy of Not Knowing focuses on rewarding children for Resilience, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Creativity, Curiosity, Collaborating and JONK (Joy Of Not Knowing)!

Norfolk Primary and Secondary Head Teachers Associations:

We were delighted to attend the Norfolk Schools Education Leaders (Norfolk Primary Head Teachers Association & Norfolk Secondary Head Teachers Association combined) event at Centre Parcs. 4myschools also sponsored James Nottingham, the Founder and Executive Director of Challenging Learning to inspire the Head Teachers.

CPD for Supply Teachers

As well as supporting teaching and learning, we also offer several heavily discounted or free of charge CPD courses for Supply Teachers in the East of England.

These include:

Mark Prentice – Good Primary Practice: Reach for The Stars

4myschools sponsored Mark Prentice, with 34 years’ experience in education to lead a Primary CPD Session for Supply Teachers, focusing on how to deliver a ‘good’ lesson as a Supply Teacher. This was a great event with our Supply Teachers taking away practical tips as to how to improve their lesson delivery.

Mentoring with Sandon Secondary School

A small group of supply teachers trialled a CPD Pilot Program to improve the standard of supply teaching through mentoring, working alongside members of the Senior Leadership Team at Sandon Secondary School. The teachers had three groups sessions with their peers and mentors, and 1-1 coaching sessions to improve their teaching practice.

Upcoming: Behaviour management and leadership CPD for all supply staff – 24th July 2017

Delivered by Colin Tapscott, with outstanding leadership experience over the last 30 years, this course aims to develop leadership to improve behaviour management.

This CPD is appropriate for Primary and Secondary practitioners, both teachers and support staff.

Colin Tapscott started life as the son of a farmhand, but has gone on to develop a reputation for outstanding leadership over the past 30 years. He has led organisations in both the education sector, as a headteacher of 18 years, and charity sectors and has experienced the day to day challenges of leading in high pressure environments. Colin has worked with challenging pupils for all of his headteacher career, helping staff to develop skills in managing children confidently. A regular speaker at conferences, Colin delivered a seminal TEDx talk titled ‘Grandad’s toolbox – a tool for every generation’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bDTi8DV0L4  . Colin prides himself on a no-nonsense, practical, jargon-free approach to training, with content designed to inspire, develop and equip people to lead themselves in everyday situations.

There are still spaces available on this course. Please complete this survey to register your interest: http://surveys.4myschools.org/s/cpdJuly17/

Giving Back: Overseas:

At 4myschools, we believe every child has the right to access education and we support project overseas as well as within the UK. With your support, we have made 1,708,405 Giving Impacts. This includes:

  • 1,455,898 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia
  • 137,860 learning tools to nursery school children in Ethiopia
  • 18,550 days of education support to children in Cambodia
  • 10,000 daily doses of vitamin supplements to children in need
  • 160 eyecare consultations for children to be able to access education

As the academic year comes to a close, we would like to say a heart-felt thank you to the teachers, support staff, schools and academies that have made all our Giving Back possible. We simply cannot do this without your support. Thank you!