Are you available for work today or tomorrow afternoon? Use updatedge to let us and all your school contacts and other agencies know

Supply teachers are constantly asked by us and all their agencies and some schools if and when they are available. We recommend all our supply teachers and teaching assistants to make use of the updatedge mobile app to share their availability with us and any of their contacts. 

updatedge is a business partner of the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) the representative body for the majority of recruitment agencies in the UK.  Please give the app a try add us and your schools as contacts so they too can send you offers of work when they know you are available.  

updatedge enables supply teachers to share their latest availability with any 4myschools consultants and any school contacts they like,  whenever it changes with just three clicks.

4myschools needs to know when you are available so we can find you work when you want it and don’t waste your time offering you work when you are unavailable or chasing you for dates you are unavailable.

Naturally you are busy and may not have the time to let all you agencies know you are committed elsewhere,  we get that.  With updatedge you simply let 4myschools know your availability has changed and you don’t need to do anything further.

Using the mobile app means you can save lots of time fielding calls from 4myschools and your other contacts as you will have already let us all know.  4myschools saves time fruitlessly calling you for opportunities when you are unavailable.

Supply teachers preferred school contacts

You can add as many school contacts as you like. Why would you want to do this?  So schools can instantly see your latest availability and send you offers of work directly.

You can apply or decline to suit you.   When you agree to work with schools, the schools confirms the assignment to you and 4myschools will be asked by the school via the updatedge portal to send a formal assignment confirmation to you and the school to make sure you get paid as normal.

All you do is to add your work private and available days and times into your scheduled. Add all your contacts to keep up-to-date and simply share whenever your availability changes

Download the updatedge mobile app

To see more about the updatedge service for supply teachers and schools visit the updatedge web site at 


Once you have downloaded the mobile app all you need to do is add your preferred 4myschools contact’s names and email addresses.

Add your first event,  that is when you are busy,  perhaps working at a school or are simply unavailable on holiday – or available to work put any or all of these into your schedule, nobody sees this confidential information it is simply seen by you alone.  Your contacts just see that you are working or have a private event and the times, not the event name details, notes or location that is confidential to you.

If you want to put that you are available for work, select the days and times and add the new event. Days or times after your last available date will show you as available, unless you have another event showing.


Schools supply teacher availability portal

For schools, hirers and agencies to see the availability of their contacts and to offer assignments; simply sign in to the updatedge portal.  Invite your preferred supply teachers teaching assistants and any other contacts the school wants to know the availability of.

Whenever your supply teacher changes their availability you can view their latest availability on the portal.

Invite any supply teacher or worker regardless of the agency they may be employed by and this includes teachers that happen to work directly with the school. The core service is open and free for teachers and schools to use.

If an offer to a supply teacher is accepted you simply inform your preferred agency requesting a formal assignment confirmation from them to ensure the teacher is paid and the normal terms of engagement are complied with.

updatedge support

If you have any issues using updatedge please use the feedback and support button in the mobile app settings or on the updatedge portal.