Are you available for work today, or tomorrow afternoon?

Use updatedge to let us, your schools & any other agencies know

Updatedge enables supply staff to share their latest availability with any 4myschools consultants and any school contacts they like,  whenever it changes with just three clicks.

We need to know when you are available to find you work.

We don’t want to waste your time offering you work when you are unavailable or chasing you for dates you are unavailable.

Using the free mobile app means you can save lots of time fielding calls from 4myschools and other contacts.  4myschools saves time fruitlessly calling you for opportunities when you are unavailable.

Supply teachers preferred school contacts

Add as many school contacts as you like.

Your contacts can instantly see your latest availability and send you offers of work directly.

You can apply, decline or click discuss to suit you.

When you agree to work with schools, the schools confirms the assignment to you and 4myschools are asked by the school to send a formal assignment confirmation to make sure you get paid as normal.

All you do is to add availability into your scheduled.

Add your preferred contacts to keep up-to-date and simply add events when your availability changes.

Download the updatedge mobile app

To see more about the updatedge service for supply staff  and schools visit the updatedge web site at 


Schools supply staff availability portal

See the availability of preferred contacts, offer assignments;

updatedge support

If you have any issues using updatedge please use the feedback and support button in the mobile app settings or on the updatedge portal.


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