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Hopefully you have heard about 4myschools from other schools and might be interested in giving us a try?

Maybe you just want to place a job vacancy on the complimentary jobs board; a great first step to getting to know what we are about.

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Greater Choice

With academies, schools and teachers help we continue to grow enabling us to make an even bigger difference to local schools, teachers and children.

We provide schools with a greater choice of teachers, because teachers and many schools see 4myschools as a preferred agency.

There is every reason to expect your supply teacher to be excellent from 4myschools – our feedback shows that, in some instances, they make such an impact that parents even notice the difference in the levels of motivation shown by their children!

How do we achieve such results? We get all of the schools we work with to rate every teacher that we supply to them, and we use their feedback as data to inform decisions about future supply teachers you may want to try.

We are also realistic about our business – despite our best efforts there will be occasions when a teacher we supply doesn’t get on well with a school. In the unlikely event of this occurrence, 4myschools guarantees all our schools that we will never send you a teacher that you have asked us not to previously.

Choice of supply teachers regardless of agency

4myschools are using a free supply teacher service from updatedge. updatedge is an open platform that any school and any supply teacher can use to share their availability and send offers regardless of agency. 

Schools simply invite their network of supply teachers to share their availablity directly. Once the school can see who is available the school is able to instantly offer work to those supply teachers directly. 

With a network of twenty or more supply teachers sending their live availability to the school you have choice.  From those that apply, you select which you want to engage so you get control and when you confirm to the teacher you also confirm to your agency requesting a formal assignment confirmation. This ensures all the normal safeguarding obligations have been met and are current.

4myschools want you to send those orders to us, but we also want to provide choice and we know we deliver and excellent service.  updatedge extends that into your school with a core service that is free to use and is getting excellent feedback from the schools that are regularly using it.  We recommend updatedge to schools and most of our supply teachers are using it to share their availability with us and lots of schools. To try their service please see the updatedge web site and try the service.  4myschools are connected to their system so you can enter 4myschools as an organisation to see all your past teachers and the rating we hold for them on your behalf to invite them  to send you their availability.  


We understand more than most how schools need to be run with efficiency these days. We are also sure that the wellbeing and education of children remains at the centre of everything you do, and we work very hard to ensure we find the right teacher for your school every time you need one. In addition, we will give back the profit we make through recruitment to the schools and children in your community.

In each county in which 4myschools operates, we have a non-executive board of unpaid directors that liaises with the head teachers’ association to ensure we keep improving our offering by focussing on providing the best quality teachers and overall service.

Secondary schools

Every day, 4myschools works with cover managers and business managers to improve the quality of teaching staff that is brought into your schools. Our service is totally geared up to attain this: our placement fee is significantly lower than average and there is an option to advertise both permanent and supply vacancies at no cost to your school. Even more importantly, our research shows that teachers regard 4myschools as their preferred agency, which, in turn, increases the choice of teachers for your school. We are also delighted to tell you that, where possible, teachers will use 4myschools. With your help, we continue to grow 4myschools, enabling us to make an even bigger difference to local schools, teachers and children.

Primary schools

Many primary schools use local authority preferred lists of supply teachers. Depending on how well these lists are maintained directly affects the quality of the supply teachers in your school; you could be paying higher rates without getting the service you need. Your school stands to save a lot of money by moving away from this recruitment method.

4myschools guarantees to find the right teacher for your school and at a competitive price. You also benefit from having our professional staff do all the hard recruitment work for you. This means less stress for you, better cover teachers in your school and you will save money.

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