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 Perhaps you heard about 4myschools from other schools and want to try us?

 Or want to place a job vacancy on the complimentary jobs board.

 4myschools provides greater choice, flexibility & control


1. Because teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, and many schools use 4myschools as a preferred agency.

2. Our service is designed at the core to provide full transparency, flexibility, choice and control for best value.

3. 4myschools, agencies, schools & supply teachers have worked with Updatedge (a software company) to deliver:

A fully open online service to choose workers you want, when you need them, from any agencies and bank staff

Powered by Updatedge the part-time workers availability appf

See the availability of all your bank staff, part-time workers and any external agency workers too*

Offer job vacancies, confirm to preferred applicants, and any mutual agencies.

Choose when to let 4myschools know when you need support filling job vacancies

Open to all schools, any workers via any agencies.

*To see a workers mobile app headline information click here

Updatedge Schools Dashboard for availability and offerss

How do 4myschools achieve excellence?

We encourage schools to rate every candidate we supply to them.

We use this feedback with our core systems to better match future supply staff for you to try.

4myschools are realistic

Despite our best efforts, occasionally, a supply worker doesn’t get on well with a school.

If this happens 4myschools guarantees we will never send you that supply worker again.

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We know all schools must run efficiently & professionally

4myschools provide best value services to help achieve this

4myschools guarantees we will do all we can to find the right supply staff for your school every time.

Schools choose their preferred workers by using Updatedge, letting 4myschools know when support to fill vacancies is needed

Additionally we give back a proportion of our profit help those in need.

Secondary schools

Quality of supply workers

Every day, 4myschools works with cover managers and business managers to improve the quality of teaching and teaching support staff for schools.

We’ve provided a free jobs board since 2009 to advertise for permanent and supply vacancies for direct applications to advertising schools.

Primary schools

4myschools guarantees we will do all we can to find the right supply staff for your school, at a competitive price.

Schools benefit from our consistently professional team staff,  who always do the hard recruitment work for you.

Meaning less stress for you, better cover staff in your school and great value

Contact 4myschools

Please contact us, simply complete the form below or drop us an email: info@4myschools.org to see how we can support you.

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