Should teachers be paid better? - 4myschoolsCreating greater sustainable prosperity for all requires many things and it is well known that one key contributor is access to education.

Investment in the UK education system is massive although we have gone through many cycles where the investment in education has been erratic and often woefully inadequate. The inconsistency of investment in education causes major long term issues and we are in one of those difficult stages now. Huge investment was made in building new schools for the future, effectively the infrastructure which was overdue but has ground to a halt.

There are many schools that continue to struggle to invest in the upkeep of their buildings which has a knock on effect on the children and the teachers in that school. Clearly these building continue to decline storing up the need for greater investment in the future and even worse reinforcing negativity towards the school and education in general.

The majority of a schools budget as with most businesses is the cost of staff. Teachers need to be paid and all the support staff required to run the school must be paid too.

So if there is little money for the teachers and little money for the infrastructure of the school there is a problem. Many teachers feel undervalued and more feel underpaid.

Choosing teaching as a career at the moment takes some commitment knowing that the pay isn’t great, resources are limited and workload is high.

We find a number of our supply teachers have had enough and want to rebalance their work commitment and by becoming a supply teacher they get to choose when and where they work and to an extent how much they get paid.

As school budgets become increasingly tense most schools will by necessity avoid over staffing. This means more schools will need to turn to supply teaching agencies for supply teachers and cover supervisors.

Paying teachers well is essential, if existing teachers are not paid well they will leave the education system which will have a long term detrimental effect on society. We need to make sure that the teaching profession is recognised for the profession it is and to increase the salaries of teachers.
If we pay teachers well we get keep more good teachers and this helps everybody.