What you need to know about school uniforms

According to the DfE school uniforms can reduce peer pressure at school for the latest clothes and help children feel settled and prepared for school, but they can be costly for parents.

This week, the DfE have issued important guidance setting out how schools can work with parents to keep the costs of their uniforms down.

 Here’s what you need to know about your child’s school uniform.

What are the rules about school uniform?

It’s up to individual schools to set their own policies, they may even decide that they don’t want a uniform. Whatever they decide, their policy should make it fair for all.

DfE believe uniforms provide a sense of belonging for students. They are helpful in fostering a good learning environment and can promote the ethos of a school.

school uniform hanging on a hook

How much should school uniform cost?

It will inevitably vary, but fundamentally no school uniform should be so expensive that it leaves pupils or their families feeling unable to apply to, or attend, a school of their choice, due to the cost of the uniform.

What does the new uniform guidance change?

The Government have just brought in guidance that sets out how schools should keep the costs of their uniforms down.

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