Living with a disability is really tough. In the UK having a disability is demanding to say the least, but thankfully most people are supported and some treated by surgery. There are many UK charities and government funded schemes to support those with disabilities, not to mention the wonderful NHS.

Imagine having a disability in Tanzania – I can’t, but there are plenty of people there that are closed out of society simply because they might have a minor facial deformity such as a hair lip, “easily” corrected in the UK with surgery, not so in Tanzania.

Children with a hair lip in Tanzania have a tough time and suffer different degrees of exclusion. For those lucky enough to be picked up by a charity they may get a fighting chance of access to corrective surgery and education. For many that are not “saved” their spiral downwards is pitiful.

For those fortunate enough to be registered in public government schools there are charities collaborating with these schools to provide community programmes for education and livelihood.

4myschools programme of giving back extends to supporting these charities and their children with education in Tanzania. The giving back programme includes the provision of resources directly to a disability hospital and school to help to support disabled children.

Schools we work with are supporting this giving programme by simply using the 4myschools supply teacher and recruitment services. Many schools we work with have also offered resources which go directly to the schools for disabled children in Tanzania.

Several East of England schools have engaged their students in the giving back initiative so they are able to track the difference their school’s act of kindness has made to those less fortunate.

The local schools have asked for simply items that include: manila cards, maps (World, Tanzania), teaching globes, wall body parts charts, wall body system charts (e.g. digestive, pulmonary), drawing colours, crayons and marker pens. Not a great deal for them to ask for and our pleasure to be providing them thanks to the support of schools and supply teachers locally.

Details of the visit will be on www.4myschools.org web site under the Giving back page. If you would like to know more about 4myschools giving back programme and how it is making a difference or discuss how to get involved our email through our Contacts page.