Now is the right time to get into teaching

Historically, the months October to May are the busiest time for supply teaching and teaching assistants. But add to this usual peak the education, social and health impacts of the past 18 months and it is easy to see why schools are crying out for quality teachers and support staff and why getting into teaching now is the right time.  


We are only 15 weeks into the 2021-2022 academic year, and it has undoubtedly been the busiest autumn term I can recall. There are several contributing factors to this, covid (obviously), the usual peak, people being more conscious of professional interactions, and the schools requesting additional staff to provide further support to their children and young people.  


Now is a prime opportunity for anyone interested in getting into supply teaching or support staff work, for both long-term and daily supply, full- or part-time as we have a need for teachers and support assistants interested in all the above. 


Schools need passionate, dedicated, flexible staff to support their pupils. This year, and the coming years, may have its additional challenges due to any challenges that the children and young people encountered because of COVID-19 but because of this, the role is ever more rewarding. 


So, if you are looking for a role where you are genuinely appreciated and will be long remembered with kindness and affection, even years after you have finished working with that pupil, then consider working in schools.  

I am sure many of you have seen the video of Adele speaking about her English teacher Miss McDonald when Emma Thompson asked her if there was someone who inspired, protected, and supported you to go on with all the trials and tribulations in life?  

Adele described her as cool and engaging and went on to say, “she really cared about us.” This emotional reunion as Miss McDonald then appeared on stage made many of us think about the teachers who had helped shape our lives.  

4myschools and our client schools know how hard school staff work, and we are ever grateful for the continued support of supply teachers and support staff, and we need more. 


Have you ever thought; I’d love to be a teacher, but I don’t know where to start?  

Have you had a successful career in a different field and now want to bring those skills to teaching?  

There are many options to get into teaching or  teaching assisstant work in schools without holding Qualified Teacher Status 

Different routes to getting into Teaching: 

What is an Instructor? 

Instructors are ‘unqualified teachers’; who do not hold Qualified Teacher Status, but who have the qualifications and experience and expertise in the subject they teach.  

Instructors can be employed to teach any subject, including vocational training, providing that they hold the skills deemed necessary, through experience or qualification, by the school or local authority.  

Many academies, free schools and private schools have seen that children benefit greatly from learning languages from Instructors who hold the language as a mother-tongue, drama from theatrical performers, business and economics from entrepreneurs and woodwork from carpenters.   

Liz, one of the 4myschools Instructors has said; “I have a degree in MFL, and I have worked in schools for a number of years. I started off as a cover supervisor specialising in languages. After registering with 4myschools I quickly progressed to the role of instructor which has helped me gain useful skills in the classroom. I am now looking forward to starting my teacher training in September.” 


What is a Cover Supervisor? 

A Cover Supervisor is an adult in a classroom usually a Secondary School. They are in front of the children and are responsible for behaviour management and ensuring the work set gets completed of whichever lesson they are covering.  

However, a Cover Supervisor will only deliver the lesson that has been set for the class, and will not be involved with planning, preparation, or assessment of learning.  

What do I need to be a Cover Supervisor? 

Have some experience working with children 

Have some experience supporting children on a one-to-one basis 

Be confident with your behaviour management techniques 

Be flexible; every day will be different! 

Enjoy being with young people  

A sense of humour 

What is a Teaching Assistant?  

A Teaching Assistant (sometimes known as a Classroom Assistant) is a person who supports learners in the classroom, generally in a Primary School.  

Often, they will take small groups to support learning in Reading, Writing and Maths and feedback to the Teacher as to how the children have progressed.   

Teaching Assistants will also help with setting up the classroom, putting out worksheets and resources and helping clear up.  

What do I need to be a Teaching Assistant?  

Have some experience working with children; preferably aged 3-11 years old 

Have some experience supporting children on a one-to-one basis 

Be confident with your behaviour management techniques 

Be flexible; every day will be different! 

I want to get into teaching – How can 4myschools help me?  

4myschools work with Primary and Secondary State Schools, Private Schools, Independent Schools and Academies who are all looking for people like you to take the first steps into a rewarding career in education. 

We work with several schools that can offer voluntary work and training for unqualified teachers and support staff looking to gain more experience. We also work with schools that have training programs in place for Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants to gain more experience in the classroom.  

To find out more, please see The Department for Education Website: Get into Teaching: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/explore-my-options/return-to-teaching

To find out what opportunities are available locally click here or call 4myschools on 01245 373425 to speak to one of our friendly consultants!