refer schools - 4myschoolsSupply teacher teachers have many benefits in terms of flexibility and variety of work. They get to choose where they work and when. In particular most supply teachers will have plenty of teaching experience in advance of registering as a supply teacher and most will have tried supply teaching and decided that it was a better way for them to balance their work and life.

There are many supply teacher agencies for schools and supply teachers to choose from and this makes sure the market offers plenty of choice and flexibility. We like that because choice is good for schools and teachers and it keeps us on our toes.

As an agency we sometimes receive requests from teachers to contact a school in which they want to work and know the key contacts in that school.

It is our view that introducing a new supply teacher agency to a school that benefits the school and the teacher is a good thing and we encourage more teachers to refer schools to 4myschools.

Clearly this needs to be managed with care it is very important if a supply teacher has a contractual restriction, to not breach that undertaking to the agency they work through.

Typically there is a reasonable time limit associated with that restriction after which the supply teacher is clear to let the school know about an alternative supply teacher agency.

We find that many teacher prefer to work through 4myschools because they are paid fairly and on time which one would think is pretty standard, however, we sometimes hear of stories where the teachers are not paid on time or correctly by their agency.

It is typically and correctly part of the agreement between the agency and the supply teacher that the teacher is paid on the day agreed irrespective of whether the school has paid the invoice for the period in question. This is part of the education quality mark contractual assessment to make sure the schools and teachers are fairly treated at all times.

Referring a schools to an agency that benefits all parties continues to promote market competition and we encourage supply teachers to make their preferred agency aware of schools when they can.