Schools closed on Friday 20th March until further notice
They will remain open for children of key workers

Should a supply teacher or support staff still work if they are fit and able?

Many supply teachers and supply support staff have been calling us to offer their help to our schools and children. Thank you, you are all superstars!! Our schools have needed us more than ever and we suspect they will do so again when schools re-open and for the next two days.

If you are not in the vulnerable groups mentioned by the government and want to help then please use updatedge app to let us know you are available, this is the quickest easiest way to let us and your other contacts in school know.

Will supply staff still get paid when the school I’m working at has closed due to Coronavirus/Covid19?

If you have worked as a supply teacher or support staff, you will get paid as normal once your work has been confirmed with the school.

There is no contractual requirement for a school or hirer to pay supply teachers for advanced bookings.

There are no provisions in the AWR legislation or within the Government’s guidance either on AWR that states that an agency worker that qualifies for equal treatment should be paid when the hirer shuts down.

The only reference to a shutdown is in Regulation 7 (8) when calculating the qualifying clock which pauses if there is a temporary cessation of the workplace by the hirer.

4myschools are currently working very hard on behalf of supply teachers to encourage schools to pay those who are in long terms and have advanced bookings. We hope most schools will see the importance of doing this.

Will I receive sick pay should I become ill with Coronavirus/Covid-19?

As with any illness 4myschools, or an umbrella company you are employed by will pay statutory sick pay to agency workers if you qualify and based on current government guidelines.

Will 4myschools inform me of school closures?

Schools closed on Friday 20th March until further notice but remain open for children of key workers. If there is an issue at a school that we are made aware of before Friday, we will do our best to let supply teachers know in advance of you leaving home that your placement for the day has been cancelled.

What do I do if I am told I have been working at a school with a confirmed case of Coronavirus?

If you are concerned that you have been working at a school as a supply teacher that has since had a confirmed case of Coronavirus you should speak to the NHS on 111 or visit the NHS website who are best placed to advise you based on your current symptoms, if any.

Where can I get accurate advice about schools and Coronavirus/Covid – 19

Please keep up to date on the government website for educational settings

Is it possible I will be able to help as a supply teacher if schools go to online teaching?

Some supply teachers will be able to use/teach through ‘Google Classroom’ if the school closes and the school have set this up.

Please use the chat facility with schools you are connected with on updatedge, this is the best and quickest way to chat with your contacts or call 4myschools 01245 353808 to find out more.