Tips for Early Career Teacher Jobs

Starting a teaching career can be both exciting and challenging. As we navigate through 2024, it’s essential for early career teachers to have the right guidance and support. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 10 tips for early career teachers in 2024, providing you with valuable insights and practical advice to help you thrive in your new profession. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or looking to refine your approach, these tips will set you on the path to success.

Are you spending countless hours sifting through job adverts in search of Early Career Teacher Jobs? Do you find yourself constantly tweaking your application? Have you experienced the disappointment of being invited to schools for interviews only to be edged out by another candidate?

If you’re feeling disillusioned and disheartened, or if your confidence has taken a hit, 4myschools is here to help you find a perfect ECT Job!

Below are our top ten tips for helping you find your perfect role.

10 Tips for Early Career Teachers Looking for New Jobs

Top 10 tips for Early Career Teachers (ECT)

1. Conduct Thorough Job Research: Begin your journey by researching schools in your area and choosing a reputable recruitment agency that collaborates with schools in your desired location(s).

2. Early Bird Catches the Worm: Keep an eye out for September vacancies, as they start surfacing as early as January of the previous year. You can also check out 4myschools job board for current opportunities.

3. Be Flexible: As a Early Career Teacher (ECT), be open to last-minute vacancies starting from September, last minute vacancies can arise on a regular basis due to changes in teachers’ situations.

Know the rules on induction

4. Suitable Induction Jobs: Look for positions that offer a minimum duration of one term, whether full-time, part-time, permanent, or long-term supply. Ensure the job supports your induction as an Early Career Teacher.

5. Understanding Induction Periods: Know that part-time roles supporting induction require completion of the equivalent of two years (6 terms) of work. However, if you’ve met the Teachers’ Standards, some circumstances can reduce the induction          period.

6. Secure your Induction Program: If you are initially on a short-term supply basis but extended to one term or more, ensure an induction program is in place. Induction periods cannot be backdated.

Preparation and Planning

7. Explore Various Settings: Familiarise yourself with different ECT induction settings, including maintained schools, independent schools, and further education institutions, each tailored to specific educational needs. See a list of these institutions at      the end of the blog.

8. Salary Expectations: Outside London, expect a starting salary around £30,000. Inner London work may offer up to £36,745, in accordance with the 2023/2024 teacher pay scales. Additional responsibilities (TLRs) and location can influence salary.

9. Make a Positive Impression: Your induction years shape your teaching career, so choose opportunities wisely. Attend consecutive interviews to make informed comparisons with each opportunity. Ask about your potential induction tutor and mentor      or even better meet them to ensure their approach aligns with your needs. Ask relevant questions.

10. Seek Guidance from Our Education Recruitment Specialists: Speak with specialised education recruitment consultants who can offer insights and recommendations based on a wealth of experiences and relationships with school leadership teams. Their expertise can guide you towards making informed decisions about your teaching career.

10 Reasons Why ECTs Should Register with 4myschools Teacher Recruitment Agency.

Experience and Expertise

1. Our expert team has worked with ECTs (Early Career Teachers), NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers), and all types of teachers since 2008.

Awards, Accreditations, DFE Framework and Standards

2. We are endorsed and accredited by several organisations, including HFL supply Framework Teach in Herts, the DfE CCS supply teacher and the temporary staffing framework.

3. Holders of the best accreditation in the industry REC Audited Education status, that ensures our operations are legally compliant and professional. 4myschools have won four awards in the last two years. Including; Best Company to Work For, Candidate Experience of the Year, High Standards in Recruitment and Temporary worker supplier of the year.

4. We guarantee that our contracts, pay, and charges are fair and legally compliant, adhering to a the highest gold standard in education recruitment which is not held by all education recruitment agencies.

Our Partnerships and Placement Areas

5. Having long-standing partnerships and connections with hundreds of Primary, Secondary, and Special Needs schools in London, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire meaning we can provide access to a variety of jobs.

Supporting You with Cutting Edge Technology

6. 4myschools prioritises listening to your needs and providing unwavering support. We offer coaching for your first Early Career Teacher job, supporting you every step of the way. We use cutting edge technology enabling you to receive offers of work instantly via our App updatedge which puts you directly in contact with schools and any agency contact you work with.

We Have a Dedicated Team of Consultants

7. You will gain access to the best team of education consultants who are all experts in the field.

8. Our consultants provide Guidance through the entire ECT job process, from preparation for the role, tips for beginning at a new school, to interview support with tailored lesson plans, observations and more.

9. Providing continuous support including constructive feedback from interviews and observed lessons, helping you refine and adapt your strategy for success.

Proven Track Record

10. Our proven success in matching ECTs with their perfect schools in part time, long term and permanent roles. We will find you the right school to support your induction, whether with long-term supply or a  permanent placement.

ECT Candidate Review

We are proud of our team and what they achieve. However, nothing says it better than our latest ECT candidate who was struggling to find a permanent position and was losing confidence every day.

“I joined 4myschools in January 2024, where I was welcomed by Paul and Olivia. The registration process is incredibly easy and quick. My consultant Paul is always a message away and is always happy to have a chat on the phone if I have any concerns. He is very responsive and tends to get back to me within the hour of messaging. Additionally, Paul regularly checks in with me to make sure I am okay which makes me feel valued and cared for by the agency. I strongly recommend 4myschools if you are thinking about joining a supply agency.”

Embark on your teaching career journey with confidence by registering with 4myschools. Let us assist you in finding your first Early Career Teacher job. [Click here] to start your registration process today!

ECT Induction Settings

Starting a teaching career involves navigating various ECT induction settings.  Each setting is tailored to specific educational institutions. In England, the landscape encompasses diverse options including:

Maintained Schools:

  • Traditional maintained schools
  • Non-maintained special schools
  • Maintained nursery schools
  • Nursery schools within maintained school premises
  • Local authority maintained children’s centres
  • Pupil referral units (PRUs)
  • Non-maintained Nursery Schools

Independent Schools in England:

  • Academies
  • Free schools
  • 16–19 academies
  • Alternative provision academies
  • City technology colleges
  • Independent nursery schools (under specific circumstances)

Further Education (FE) Institutions:

  • Sixth-form colleges (under specific circumstances)

This content was inspired by Statutory Induction Guidance 2018 (publishing.service.gov.uk) and How do you get a job in teaching after training? (targetjobs.co.uk)