4myschools Sponsor - Sue Hugo
4myschools are proudly sponsoring Sue Hugo from the Education Support Partnership at the Suffolk Association of Secondary Headteachers conference 7th February 2017 to talk about headteacher wellbeing.

Wellbeing of education staff is often overlooked and regularly comes second place to the debate around pupil and student wellbeing. Sue’s workshops look at strategies that can help build resilience and wellbeing in order that staff can ultimately ‘Be well in order to teach Well’.

Sue Hugo is a Work-life Support Senior Consultant.  She is an Associate for the Education Support Partnership. Sue taught in secondary schools for over twenty years before joining the charity in 2002. She was instrumental in the development and design of the Positive Workplace Survey, SMART training modules, and Headspace programme for school leaders. 4myschools are delighted to support this important work

More information on The Education Support Partnership can be found here: https://www.educationsupportpartnership.org.uk/blogs/claire-renn/edsupport-out-and-about