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4myschools use updatedge

The free availability app for all supply staff

Share your availability with 4myschools and any school contacts you like working with.

Free for all supply workers, schools and any agencies (with subscription options)

Developed with 4myschools and other agencies for part-time flexible working

Powered by Updatedge the part-time workers availability appf

For agency workers flexibility, choice and control

Updatedge Mobile App Share you availability instantly

Benefits of Updatedge

Use on a mobile phone and any device with a browser

Choose when, where & with who you work

Add when you are unavailable or available, or both

Add any contacts to share availability with

Add schools, business hirers and other agencies

Get offers from contacts & chat

Apply to the supply teaching or teaching assistant jobs you want

Save time fielding calls, emails and text messages asking for your availability

Contacts can see your availability & send offers for free

Free to use find your 4myschools contacts and share

Benefits of Updatedge to 4myschools 

We know your availability without chasing you

We don’t need to record your availability each time it changes

We can send you offers & chat via the app

We send assignment confirmations to add into your work schedule, keeping it up to date

We get your availability into our core systems

We don’t waste time offering you work when you are unavailable or chasing you for dates you are unavailable.

We know instantly if and when your availability changes

We place you in more assignments, quicker, with more schools you like working with

Schools send us orders after working hours, evenings and weekends when they confirm to you or when they need help filling jobs

Search for preferred schools to share your availability and get offers from
Updatedge share your work availability

Download the updatedge mobile app

For supply teachers, teaching assistants and supply staff  find out more visit the updatedge web site at www.updatedge.com 

 For updatedge support

Any issues or feedback please use the feedback & support button in the mobile app under settings

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