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5 Steps to your next permanent teaching job

It may seem daunting to start the process of looking for a new permanent teaching job.  Rest assured it’s not as bad as it may seem, and we will hold your hand through the process.

Our role is to help remove those perceived barriers and explore the massive potential there is in many good schools looking to support you in your next career move.

There is no need to say that society needs more good teachers to inspire the next generation. Keeping you happy in your teaching career is vital. If that means a change of school then so be it.

Far better you are happy, fulfilled and inspired to help children succeed than staying and potentially stagnating.

Sometimes people just need a change; it’s no one’s fault; energy and natural flow are vital for one’s wellbeing. If your current role doesn’t feel right then it’s probably time to take that first step.  It might be the best decision you take for everyone.

What are the steps towards your next permanent teaching role?

1. Timings

As we all know there are specific times in the academic year when you are required to formally resign. That may seem awkward without knowing you have a great job to go to.

How do you start to find your new teaching job without showing your hand at your existing school?

It’s a common issue for teachers unsure what their options are and if they will find their perfect next role. So, before anything give yourself plenty of time. Plan ahead by six months giving yourself the space to find that perfect role without compromise.

Giving yourself time to carefully consider all options may mean you may prefer to stay where you are after all, revisiting options in the future. That’s fine having provided you with the reassurance that your teaching career is on track.

2. Know your worth, know what you want and need

Knowing what you want and need in your career progression is essential.  What are your expectations, the types of schools you will work with, their locations, your salary expectations?

Things you must have and what would be nice to have but aren’t essential. Setting these out before you start the process helps immensely. Take the time to consider carefully what your perfect permanent teaching job looks like.

Refresh your CV, bring it up to date, make sure it covers all your skills and get support with this from a recruitment agency to help. See link to blog on CV’s

3. Identify a teacher recruitment company you’re comfortable to work with

The role of the teacher recruitment company is to support you through your career progression for your next and future career steps. This next step might simply mean an initial discussion to consider options and to get some idea of the actions to prepare for the future without making any school change.

You will want a teacher recruitment company that knows how important career progression is to you and your career in teaching. You want a recruitment company that has experienced staff who have placed many permanent teachers in schools before, who treat you with the utmost respect and don’t waste your time. A company who is honest, consultative and genuinely provides teaching career guidance based on years of knowledge having dealt with schools and their expectations.

4. Initial confidential discussion

Holding a confidential conversation that lays out what you would like to achieve, your ambitions, your perfect teaching role.  This initial conversation starts the ball rolling and we can give you an early idea of what schools are looking for, opportunities and options.

Online teaching career review click here »

To help you we have an online career progression form which asks you some searching questions that helps in determining the direction you want to take. Completing these simple but thought-provoking questions instantly helps to identify what you are after.  Please follow the link and take action now.

5. Explore options

Face to face consultation (which can be an online conference call) with our specialties recruiter who will explore options with you and can usually suggest schools that would be ideal for you.

After which with your agreement we can start actively or passively initiate engagement depending on your requirements. We confidentially send your anonymous CV to schools that you agree are best suited.

We can arrange initial confidential informal telephone discussions to clarify fit with various potential schools that meet your criteria.

We provide you with testimonials from existing teachers placed at schools by us where we can to help you build an informed decision.

When particular schools seem attractive for your next job we progress the process to fit.

Knowing your worth extends to salary expectations and these negotiations are best managed when you have options.

At the end of the day it is your call, if you are not sure the offers are right you can always stay where you are, getting more experience and revisit options later.

We work with all levels of teachers and support staff finding their perfect next permanent teaching job – it’s our job to do the leg work, giving you the options to achieve your goals.

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