Are you considering a return to teaching?

Are you an experienced retired teacher, a teacher who has had a break , or thinking about transitioning into the teaching profession?  The decision to return to the classroom is an important one. With various changes in the educational landscape and the job market, it’s natural to have questions. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about returning to teaching.

What opportunities are available for returning to teaching?

Permanent Teaching Jobs: We can assist you explore openings for primary and secondary teacher positions in schools across areas such as Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Norfolk. Our extensive knowledge of these areas can give you a head start in finding the perfect school fit. We can aid you with your CV and applications and advocate for you with schools, alleviating the stress of job hunting.

Supply Teacher Jobs: Discover flexible teaching opportunities near your home to match your schedule and preferences. Some candidates prefer this route to find their ideal school environment, reducing the risk of mismatch. Some schools also prefer this option to ensure they find the perfect fit before hiring permanently.

Support Staff Roles: Consider easing back into the classroom with support roles such as teaching assistants,  cover supervisor or support staff.

SEN Professionals: Special Educational Needs (SEN) positions offer fulfilling opportunities to make a meaningful impact on students’ lives. 4myschools collaborates with specialist provisions across all counties.

Teachers to receive up to £6000 extra to teach vital subjects

From September 2024, teachers working in key STEM and technical subjects such as maths, chemistry, physics, construction and engineering, as well as early years education, will be eligible for up to £6000 extra, as part of the government’s drive to recruit and retain the best staff.  Read the full article hear.

Now lets address how you can update your skills if you’re returning to teaching:

4myschools Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Upon registering with 4myschools you’ll gain fully funded access to over 40 CPD courses to enhance your teaching skills and stay abreast of educational best practices.

4myschools refresher Courses: Refresh your subject knowledge or teaching methodologies with tailored refresher courses designed for returning teachers on our CPD platform.

Online Learning: Our CPD online platforms offers courses specifically designed for educators returning to the classroom, accessible even via smartphone.

Next, let’s discuss the support available for returning teachers:

Mentoring: 4myschools offers free mentoring for returning teachers. Whether it involves volunteering in partner schools to boost confidence or trying out supply teaching to acclimatise to the new school environment.

Return to teaching adviser: If you have qualified teacher status (QTS), you could be eligible for a DFE advisers.  An advisor can give you free one-to-one support.  Support includes, application processes, such as writing personal statements and preparing for interviews, accessing courses to enhance your subject knowledge or teaching practice, such as national professional qualifications (NPQs). You can chat by phone, text or email, as little or as often as you need.

Professional Networks: Join teaching associations or online communities to connect with peers, access resources, and receive support.

4myschools Career Counselling: Consider seeking guidance from education recruitment agencies like 4myschools for personalised career advice and support throughout the job search process. We are experts and have local knowledge of how schools work in different areas and what vacancies will become available.

Lastly, let’s address what you’ll need to register with an agency if you want to return to teaching:

Employment checks: Agencies must undertake identity and qualification checks, including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, which we’ll organise for you, a full list can be found here .

Pay and School information: You’ll receive a daily rate based on your specialism, key stage, and area of work, and we’ll liaise with schools on your behalf.

Flexibility: Whether you prefer one or two days a week or full-time, we accommodate your preferences.

Specialisms: We cater to various roles, including teaching assistants, college or school teaching positions, and early years settings.

Returning to teaching is a rewarding journey

4myschools offer opportunities for personal and professional growth. By addressing common concerns and providing support, we aim to empower teachers and support staff to make informed decisions and thrive in their careers. Whether you’re considering a permanent position, exploring supply teaching opportunities, or looking to transition into a new role, 4myschools is here to support you every step of the way.

Return to teaching Google Reviews

Lois wrote: “4myschools is a brilliant agency with a reliable, efficient, and supportive way of working with teachers and schools. I enjoy liaising with the friendly and helpful staff at 4myschools to get the most rewarding and professionally engaging offers and would recommend them to anyone getting back into teaching or wanting to stretch their experience in different settings.”

Tom wrote: “Having dipped my toes back in to the world of teaching this Summer Term – after a 3-year break. Helen, Jasmine and the whole 4myschools team couldn’t have been any more supportive and I have really appreciated their help. They have proven to be a very well connected and organised supply agency. I would/will recommend them.”

Additional Tips or Resources for returning to teaching:

For further reading on returning to teaching and exploring job opportunities, check out the following resources:

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To find out more, please see The Department for Education Website: Get into Teaching: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/explore-my-options/return-to-teaching

To find out what opportunities are available locally click here or call 4myschools on 01245 353808 to speak to one of our friendly consultants!