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Temporary Employment Service – TES Jobs UK for teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors.

4myschools Temporary Employment Service TES Jobs UK is not often the first port of call for some of the great teachers that work with 4myschools who had never previously considered supply teaching. However, after learning about the daily flexibility taking a well-paid job as a temporary supply teacher brings, many teachers, teaching assistants and schools support staff decide to give 4myschools Temporary Employment Service a try.  Many subsequently continue as supply teachers in temporary jobs being paid to Mainpay scale highly satisfied for many years.

Being a supply teacher or teaching assistant taking work in schools that you prefer, for full days or half days that suit you is key to temporary employment satisfaction. You get to choose which schools you work with and when, providing the flexibility many want in a temporary employment service job.

Many of our teachers simply want a change and will take on temporary work in a variety of schools just to experience the benefits of a change and some will then ask us to find them a new permanent role. We are delighted to do this as it provides teachers with alternatives and often reenergises a career in teaching simply by trying our Temporary Employment Service.

Even if it’s a relatively short experience as a temporary supply teacher there is often a benefit before taking a permanent teaching job at a new school.

TES 2 - Temporary Employment Service - 4myschoolsFinding the right Temporary Employment or Permanent teaching job for you.

4myschools put a lot of effort into understanding what you actual want to do, where you prefer to work and will offer you jobs that we feel best suit you. We will ask for your feedback on every assignment you undertake through us, which helps us to build a constantly improving profile of the temporary jobs you prefer. We also ask for feedback from schools so we can find the best fit for schools too.

As a Supply Teacher your are an “Agency Worker” and as such you are protected under the Agency Workers Regulations this includes the fact that you must be treated equally as if you were a employed by the school directly from day one for certain things. After 12 qualifying weeks you may be eligible for Mainpay if the school pays equivalent teachers to Mainpay as part of the schools pay and conditions.

Our Temporary Employment Service TES includes all aspects of finding the right teachers and teaching assistants for primary and secondary schools in the East of England.

TES 3 - Temporary Employment Service - 4myschoolsSchools free Jobs Board

We work with many schools on a daily basis and offer a complimentary schools jobs board enabling any UK school to advertise their teaching job vacancies on the 4myschools jobs board.

All schools are able to advertise for free and each advert has the schools profile, the schools logo your,  the schools direct contact details so all applicants apply directly to the school.
This helps teachers registered with or following 4myschools and typically improves the field of candidates applying for each job. The complimentary easy to use teachers job board is part of 4myschools continuing commitment to giving back to support teaching and learning.

Feedback from our Temporary Employment Service TES Jobs

We have been providing Temporary Employment Services since 2008 and the feedback from our temporary agency workers and schools is excellent and we would be delighted if you would try the service too.

We offer many  Temporary Employment Service TES Jobs from our regional office in Chelmsford and would be delighted to answer any questions you have and look forward to working for you in the future.

If you would like to try our TES jobs please register with us by following this link to our registration page or send us an email to: info@4myschools.org

We treat all our prospective customers with the utmost respect and do all we can to answer all your questions whilst you explore the options available to you when registering with us as your supply teaching agency of choice.

We would be delighted to speak with you about the Temporary Employment Services TES jobs we provide in Cambs, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Simply give us a call on 01245 353 808 or click the link here to send us an email: Email us your contact details

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