Refer Teachers, Cover Supervisors, Learning Support Staff and Schools

Refer Supply Teachers, Cover Supervisors, TA’s and Schools to 4myschools, earn £150 each. 

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refer a teacher or school - 4myschools

Refer Teachers, Cover Supervisors TA’s and Schools to 4myschools and earn £150 everytime you do.

Once they complete, or use us for 10 supply days you will receive a referral fee of £150 or a free day of supply for your school.

Referred candidates once they complete 20 supply days they too are awarded £150. 

In addition we will have given 350 people access to clean water.  See how many people 4myschools have helped: click here »

We’re looking for good teachers and support staff to fill our wide range of vacancies, to support more schools.  

Simply refer contacts and we do the rest! 

Email referral@4myschools.org with the name of the contact you are referring, their email and contact number of the person you are referring, or complete the form below. Simple!

No limit on referral numbers

There is no limit to the number of teachers, support staff or schools you can refer. For each new referral that works the 10 days with us you receive your referral fee. Some of our teachers have done very well out of this, they have benefited directly, their colleague has benefited by working through 4myschools and being paid well, the schools have benefited by have greater choice of good teachers available and the children have benefited too by getting access to more good teachers that suit them and the school.

If you know of any good colleagues that would like to work as a cover supervisor, TA or as a supply teacher simply enter their details in the form below or call us if that is easier and we will do the rest.

Refer schools and academies

If you have worked at a school or know a school is looking for more good teachers or perhaps the school is struggling to find staff we are able to help with our complimentary schools jobs board in addition to having a great selection of good teachers who will be able to support the school. Please simply provide their details in the form below and we will do the rest.

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