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The term early career teacher (ECT) has replaced the term newly qualified teacher (NQT). 4myschools have been working with (ECT) Early Career Teachers and schools since 2008.

ECT Induction Period

The standard length of induction has been increased from one school year to two school years

Will my timetable be reduced during an ECT Induction Period?

Yes, by 10% in the first year and 5 % in the second.

What is the difference between an ECT mentor and a tutor?

The role of the mentor has been newly introduced.  The mentor will have a key role in supporting the ECT during induction and is separate from the role of the induction tutor, providing regular monitoring and support, and coordination of assessment. Both are expected to hold QTS and be appointed by the Headteacher, In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for the headteacher to designate a single teacher to fulfil both roles.

How long can an ECT carry out supply teaching?

A qualified teacher who gained QTS on or after 1 September 2007 and who has not completed an induction period, can undertake short-term supply work of less than one term in a relevant school for a maximum period of 5 years from the point of award of QTS.an an ECT carry out supply teaching

Can an ECT extend the supply teaching time limit?

This is a fixed time limit with no discretion to extend it. Short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction, as such posts will not provide an ECT with the breadth of experience, support, and assessment necessary to enable them to demonstrate that their performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory.

Does supply teaching count towards an ECT Induction Period?

Short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction.

The length of the induction period an ECT is required to serve, whether the teaching post in which they are doing so is part-time or full-time, is the full-time equivalent of two school years. This usually consists of six school terms, divided into two periods each consisting of three school terms.

Can an ECT induction period be reduced?

In some exceptional circumstances, the length of an induction period may be reduced for part-time teachers or those with previous teaching experience agreed by the appropriate body

Who ensures an ECT is eligible to carry out supply teaching?

The headteacher/principal or supply agency is responsible for ensuring that a teacher who has not satisfactorily completed an induction period is eligible to carry out short-term supply work.

Please see the full guidance here

Our expert recruiters will make sure that our candidates are placed in ECT jobs that match their needs and encourage career progression. Our extensive network of schools across Essex, Herts, Norfolk & Suffolk ensures that we have a proven track record of successful ECT induction years.

How 4myschools can help you

  • Support from a team of consultants who are experts in their fields
  • Support to find the right role for you, be that a short-term or long-term position, or perhaps a permanent role
  • The ability to trial roles on supply before committing – making sure the school you choose is right for you
  • Support and advice during your ECT Induction
  • Access to CPD and Training

What is the purpose of the ECT Induction?

The main purpose of the ECT induction is to provide ECTs with a bridge between their teaching training and their career in teaching. The induction involves a combination of a structured programme of development, with support & professional dialogue, as well as consistent monitoring and assessment of performance against the Teachers’ Standards. 4myschools help ECTs every step of the way to ensure they are getting the necessary support to become the best teacher they can be.

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