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School Updatedge Testimonials

“It’s a much easier way to book supply teachers, to see who is available and who isn’t.
When I call an agency, I give them the names of people I would like but seeing who is available is
much easier.”
“The teachers update their own calendars, and this gives us more freedom to pick. If there is a tricky
class and I know a supply teacher that is good, can see they are available and I send an offer
“Teachers often come back quicker than via the supply agency other than when they are teaching.”
“It so quick, nice and easy to get things booked.”
“If there is a lag and sometimes there is, I leave it a little while and can come back. I’m not
constantly on it and get an alert when somebody applies.”
“Using it day-to-day is much quicker especially if you remember the teacher you had last time and
have been asked to see if they are available.”

Zoe Gorham

Cover Co-Ordinator, Sidegate Primary School

“I like to be able to book teachers we regularly use. I tend to book them in advance to cover
courses, or teachers that have booked time off, not for same day sickness cover.”
“I like to be able to see who is available on the day I need them, to be able to choose who I want and
quickly send them an offer.”
“I still have to ring the agency for a couple of my other preferred supply staff who don’t use
updatedge at the moment.”

Mrs Gill Silk

Office Manager, St. Matthew's Church of England Primary School

“I’ve used the app a lot recently”. “It’s so much easier than calling on the phone.”
Abbey finds using updatedge far easier than ringing a recruitment agency to find out if somebody
might be available to cover.
“It’s easier to just open the app to see who is available, click on the specific date and then send an
“I don’t need to call anybody to ring on my behalf to see if those people are available, I just do it
myself using the app.”
“It’s really easy when the teacher is in the school already, I send them an offer, the teachers looks at
their mobile app during the break and applies. I just confirm to the teacher and the agency and it’s
done, all online.”

Abbey Jones

Headteacher's PA & HR Assistant

Some of the schools supply teachers, teaching assistants, cover supervisors, learning support assistants, HLTA’s, other school volunteers

share their availability with via Updatedge

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