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We work with many great schools to find suitable teachers and support staff.
Schools and teachers want greater flexibility, choice, control, that’s what 4myschools deliver.
We provide schools with the option to see the availability of any 4myschools supply staff, and offer them work, online 24/7.

Are 4myschools any good? 

4myschools are a trusted partner for schools

Delivering the highest standards in education recruitment

An agency schools trust, based on years of exceptional service and expertise. 

Our approach is to exceed schools expectations consisently. We are always straight forward, and do all we can to support schools who value the quality of our service and the supply teachers and teaching assistants we represent.

We pay supply teachers and teaching assistants well, and charge schools fairly.

4myschools are recommended by many supply staff, and schools, and we would like to work with more.

Why choose 4myschools

Nearly everybody believes that education is fundamental to children’s success. When aspirations are raised, life chances are improved and everybody benefits. We strive to make a difference in education, everyday.


4myschools have been making a difference every day to schools, teachers and children for over 14 years. We offer the best advice, based on years of experience, extensive market analysis and local knowledge.


Part of our mission is our commitment to both schools and teachers to ensure that requirements are being met. With over 150+ collective reviews, 9.9/10 schools and teachers who have used our service would recommend 4myschools.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of the children by working with schools and candidates to find the very best, temporary supply staff available. By supporting schools and teachers in this way, we are able to leave a mark on a child’s education.

updatedge an REC Certified Business Partner
CCS Supplier for Education Technology Platform provision of Supply Teachers Education Support Staff and other temporary staffing services

What teachers say about us

Great experience working for 4myschools. Syvonne is always there to listen and help.
This is my first time doing supply work and using an agency and I have been very impressed. Everyone has been extremely professional, friendly and helpful. Communication is timely and Donna does a fantastic job of keeping in touch at all times to make sure everything is going well.
4MySchools is a brilliant agency with a reliable, efficient, and supportive way of working with teachers and schools. I enjoy liaising with the friendly and helpful staff at 4MySchools to get the most rewarding and professionally engaging offers and would recommend them to anyone getting back into teaching or wanting to stretch their experience in different settings.Thank you.
4myschools have been great to work with, Helen and the team have made the whole experience very easy and stress free. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of changing jobs.
A friendly, professional, approachable agency that has found me lots of work over a number of years. Thank you!
Great company to work for, flexible remote working, providing work finding servcies for schools and trusts.Good career prospects, great team, supportive and with a great giving back ethos.
The best agency to work with and always put its employees' interest above all.
If you want to claim your life back, enjoy professional courtesy and feel appreciated, 4myschools ticks those boxes. The simple method of sharing (un)availability via the Updatedge App is brilliant. I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of 4myschools as an agency whose staff care and always try to keep people safe and happy.
Having dipped my toes back in to the world of teaching this Summer Term - after a 3 year break. Helen, Jasmine and the whole 4myschools team couldn't have been any more supportive and I have really appreciated their help. They have proven to be a very well connected and organised supply agency. I would/will recommend them. Tom
Very supportive and understanding agency. Not often without work when I want it.
4myschool have been a brilliant supply agency to work for. I have been working for 4myschools for the past 3 years and have found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. They work hard to find work that matches my needs and preferences and I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a professional and efficient supply agency.
The 4myschools team are incredibly hardworking and dedicated to looking after their teachers and schools! The staff are always polite and efficient and will do anything to help. As HR from a Trust, we cannot fault their service and vetting procedure.
When 4MySchools contacted me, I was working for three other agencies as I had not long left full time teaching and I need to work 5 days a week for financial reasons. 4My Schools has provided me with supply work every day since, except for a couple of days at the start of the school year when no teacher wants to be away from a new class. Paul has made sure that I’ve been able to build up some regular schools, within a reasonable distance, often sends advance bookings (I severely dislike mornings when I’m waiting to know if and where I’m going) and has responded to any communication I’ve sent promptly - at whatever time it’s been! I was worried about agency work and doing supply generally - there are some downsides to both and I’m still not overly fond of supply teaching - but working for one agency makes it easier and being able to organise a booking without a phone call is a huge plus. On several occasions when I have had difficulties with a booking, the other staff at 4MySchools have also responded efficiently and been supportive.
As a supply teacher, it's been a pleasure to work with 4myschools Education in meeting my teaching aspirations. My consultant (Alan) and the rest of the team are very passionate individuals and really very professional in carrying out their duties. I have been with 4MS for about 6 months now and it has been all good with no issues at all. Getting work that's matching my availability. The updatedge app/platform is also something to commend, as it simplifies the booking system with less phone calls
Professional, friendly agency who are giving me as much work as I want in schools across the county.
I registered with 4myschools in October and from the beginning Bryony was in constant contact with me, taking notes of my year group preferences and within 2 weeks of registering Bryony had helped me secure a long term supply job. Bryony regularly kept in contact with me, to check on how I was feeling and whether I was enjoying the job. She couldn’t have been more attentive . Thanks again Bryony for all your help and support. I look forward to working with you when the new term begins!
It was a great experience the 4 my schools team was really big help in me getting a job within a month of me coming into thos country. Especially the work dedication of Donna is beyond words. It only because of her that I have obtained a position to work. She has been very quick and smart to get my interview done till my documents were getting ready.
Fantastic agency qnd great to work for! Everything a supply teaching agency should be - knowledgable, supportive and flexible. They work hard to ensure whenever I want to work I can but also appreciate when I am not available too. They have excellent systems ensuring work offered is clear and the app they use enables easy tracking of teaching days.
4myschools have been a joy to work with. Bryony and the rest of the team are amazing. I always feel my preferences for work are listened to and I nearly always working 5 days a week on short term supply. All staff are friendly and communication is great across the team.
I am currently working for 4myschools, on my first position in a primary school. 4myschools is an amazing agency to work for. The consultants are so friendly and helpful. Bryony and Lauren have found me work really quickly, and I appreciate that they actually gave me an option for two positions that were available - this meant that I could choose which role, school and year group suited me better.The recruiting and pre employment process was very thorough, which of course is so important for schools hiring. This means that this agency is a great choice for schools, which in turn means more work for 4myschool employees. Very reliable.The team at 4myschools were always on hand to answer any questions and guide me through each requirement during the employment process.I am currently really enjoying my first placement, it is a perfect match for me.Thank you 4myschools.
This being my first time as TA and also first time working in schools, Laura, Katie and Team have been hugely supportive. Katie is quite prompt in her communication and has been ever so helpful, professional and made it happen for me. I am utterly grateful and happy to be with 4Myschools.
I completely recommend anyone looking for supply opportunities to work with 4myschools. I have worked with them on and off for a number of years and have now secured a permanent position in the school where I have been on long term supply.Paul has always been very patient and accommodating, especially as I was fussy around which days and where I would work!
What an amazing agency to work for! I have had the opportunity to work in a few great schools so far and learn the environmental and other differences which will be really beneficial in my future career as a teacher. Donna is brilliant at her job to say the least. She has been working so hard to give me work around my travel restrictions and childcare needs. Her attention to detail about recognising and promoting my strengths and skills is commendable. Thank you 4myschools for being a great part of this journey!
Very friendly and professional agency. In regular contact to fine tune needs and wishes. Often placed in most local schools to me as this is my priority. Also aim to keep sending me to same schools to ensure continuity for students too. Have been with same agency for over 10 years with a small break to work on a contract in a school. Would not leave them.