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We work with many great schools to find suitable teachers and support staff.
Schools and teachers want greater flexibility, choice, control, that’s what 4myschools deliver.
We provide schools with the option to see the availability of any 4myschools supply staff, and offer them work, online 24/7.

Are 4myschools any good? 

4myschools are a trusted partner for schools

Delivering the highest standards in education recruitment

An agency schools trust, based on years of exceptional service and expertise. 

Our approach is to exceed schools expectations consisently. We are always straight forward, and do all we can to support schools who value the quality of our service and the supply teachers and teaching assistants we represent.

We pay supply teachers and teaching assistants well, and charge schools fairly.

4myschools are recommended by many supply staff, and schools, and we would like to work with more.

Why choose 4myschools

Nearly everybody believes that education is fundamental to children’s success. When aspirations are raised, life chances are improved and everybody benefits. We strive to make a difference in education, everyday.


4myschools have been making a difference every day to schools, teachers and children for over 14 years. We offer the best advice, based on years of experience, extensive market analysis and local knowledge.


Part of our mission is our commitment to both schools and teachers to ensure that requirements are being met. With over 150+ collective reviews, 9.9/10 schools and teachers who have used our service would recommend 4myschools.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on making a difference in the lives of the children by working with schools and candidates to find the very best, temporary supply staff available. By supporting schools and teachers in this way, we are able to leave a mark on a child’s education.

updatedge an REC Certified Business Partner
CCS Supplier for Education Technology Platform provision of Supply Teachers Education Support Staff and other temporary staffing services

What teachers say about us

4 my schools have been a great company to work for with quick and efficient communication. Lauren Allen in particular, has been able to get me jobs at short notice, or offer me multiple choices to suit me as an agency worker best. I am very pleased with this service from Lauren on behalf of the agency.
I highly recommend the 4myshcools.I started working for them recently and i am greatly satisfied .The staff is outstandingly supportive , i want to say many thanks to Lauren,Jasmine and Lorraine for giving me the opportunity to start working for 4myschools .
For my schools have been absolutely brilliant to work with. Very clear lines of communication and very efficient in setting up work. Lauren Allen, who has been helping me find placements, was very quick in getting me jobs and has been really good at answering. Any questions I’ve had. I’ve been really impressed and look forward to continuing to work with them.
Found me a placement close to home very fast and met all my requirements!
Donna at 4myschools has been super helpful: guiding me patiently through registration, communicating in a timely fashion, and finding positions for me that meet my needs. Thank you!
I am a semi-retired teacher and wanted to do some work without all the red tape of a post in a school. If you haven't worked recently and moved house, recruitment can be a hassle but safety first.Most of my jobs have been last minute in the morning which is awkward, but that's teacher absence - unexpected.Support is good and flexibility is great. Most important, salary is weekly and at a good rate.I'm very happy.
After leaving a part time teaching post I decided to try supply work while waiting to secure another part time position. Initially, I’d always been reluctant to do supply but after being recommended 4myschools, I decided to get in touch. Everyone I came in to contact with at the agency were so friendly and helpful with no question too ‘silly’. Bryony, particularly, was so reassuring, understanding and put all my initial fears at bay. She was always available to talk to if there was ever an issue or anything I was unsure about. The update app was easy to navigate and clear to see and find notifications of new job offers. The schools I worked at whilst with the agency were helpful, friendly and organised with plans and timetables readily available for me. I have already, and will continue to, recommend the agency to anyone looking at going into supply teaching!
Absolutely fantastic agency. Helen is super friendly and helpful. I always have work available to me. Highly recommend.
An amazing company to work for. Support every step of the way whether they be regular supply work or finding permanent positions. Super flexible. Special mention to Helen who made the whole process of joining very easy and managed to find me supply roles to fit my schedule whenever I was able to work and Lauren who has been fabulous in finding me permanent work, again being organised and flexible. You’ve both been honest, reliable and really accommodating. Fantastic communication all round. Would 100% recommend to all.
From a rather slow start, not really the fault of 4myschools, my experience as a supply teacher has been great! I needed flexible times as I direct a company that provide after-school clubs in STEAM projects three days a week. 4myschools were able to get me work on the days that I wasn't working and even on days that somewhat clashed with the after-school clubs. I appreciate this immensely.
Syvonne is so great to work with - always diligent, careful and kind. I've had lots of work through 4myschools, and I really enjoy working with all of the staff, plus their wonderful help and advice as I ventured into the world of supply teaching.
I have been working under 4 my schools at a lovely little primary school and have been doing really well. 4 my schools is a really good agency to work for and communication has been brilliant. Would definitely recommend working for them
I would highly recommend the 4MySchools team, especially Helen, who went above and beyond to find me placements that really worked for me and my availability. I have already recommended 4MySchools to my fiends and wouldn't hesitate working with them again in the future.
Katie Joyce was able to find me work very quickly despite only just moving to the area.Very professional and helpful staff able to assist with any enquiries and questions.
Having worked for 4mySchools for over a year, the agency team are hard-working, understanding and will always have your back in any scenario. Bryony was especially kind and supportive to me during my time at 4myschools and I couldn’t recommend them any higher for someone looking for an agency.
4myschools have been great at securing me supply work after I moved to a new area.Bryony has been an informative and friendly point of contact, efficiently securing my positions with schools.
4myschools are for in background checks and are excellent at matching suitable placements to individual work needs. From my first meeting with Jaleese to my work placement with Jaleese and Laura I have had an excellent professional service. Enjoyed every second of my placement. Thank you all so much for helping me see a new direction and instilling confidence in skills and abilities to help me move forward.
I had an amazing experience with 4myschools. They are professional and efficient. Helen is always so positive and friendly and was so quick in finding the perfect job for me. Thank you for everything!
4myschool have been amazing in finding me assignments. As I am semi retired I am looking for 2 to 3 days a week and Katie has always been quick to respond and find the right assignment for me. Thank you to all the team
4myschools are a brilliant agency who look for jobs to fit how you want to work. Lauren is always helpful and informative but in a really friendly way! The whole company seems to be there to ensure you are getting the right contract and that you are happy! If you. Are thinking of doing supply work this is the agency for you!
Through out the whole recruitment process they were amazing!I received daily updates and everyone I dealt with was so supportive. Fab agency to work for.
It’s been an absolute pleasure, I must say this is the far best Recruitment agency ever. The team, your professionalism, attention to every details, monitoring the process still and the friendly communication were outstanding. Ms. Bryony, Ms. Faria, Ms. Keyilah, thank you for creating a seamless and efficient recruitment experience. I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking a top-notch recruiter.
I am extremely pleased with the placement and service 4myschools provides. The process is professional, thorough and efficient, and the staff - friendly and approachable. After relocating to the area, Lauren and the team worked really hard to find me a placement as soon as I was registered. Thank you!
After returning to the UK after many years teaching overseas, 4myschools helped me get all the necessary paperwork and clearances in order and secured me work from the beginning. After 3 months, I’d settled back into UK teaching and found a permanent position. Highly recommend.
4myschools have been a been a brilliant employer.Everyone that I have had contact with has been very friendly and supportive.They got me working in a school straight away and I’m now in a job tha not only has let me gain lots of experience but one that I love.Olivia Mullarkey, Katie Joyce and Paul Matthews in particular have been amazing.
4myschools are a great company to work for. Paul is very friendly, quick to respond and always tries his best to find me local schools in my requested age group. I find UpdateEdge really efficient and easy to use too 🙂
Helen Darling is an absolute star , and has always made sure not only that jobs I’ve got suit me personally but also that I’m never out of workKind regards Helen looker
Paul at 4MySchools provided excellent service in my search for both short term supply and a long term position. He listened to what I was looking for and was active in finding posts that were a good match. Registering with 4MySchools was a clear and efficient process. Highly recommended.
4myschools have been amazing since I started supply teaching with them. Helen in particular has been fantastic - she found me an ideal opportunity almost instantly and is always there if you need anything.
Brilliant service and professional work done by 4myschool , and specially Mr. Paul is very friendly and humble in nature, I had lovely experience by working with him and his team.“ Harish Kumar “👏
Really good Recruiters ! Everything is really clear and amazing communication. I have been working with Paul and he has been great at giving me lots of opportunities to try new schools
Excellent agency! The communication I have received from Paul and the company has been efficient and helpful. I have been found work quickly and in line with the type of work I requested.
gave me work very quickly and are very good at matching you with a job that can meet your needs. very supportive in helping me get all my documentation sorted as soon as possible so I could start work. AMAZING!!!!
Having joined 4myschools 3 weeks ago I have nothing but praise for my early experience. The flexability and clear information about my cover placements has been fantastic, and my contact Paul at 4myschools has been incredibly helpful in finding me consistent placements that align with my schedule. So glad to have found 4myschools and looking forward to continuing!
4myschools is brilliant if you’re looking for work in schools to go alongside your university studies! It is super flexible and the team are so lovely. Olivia, Katie and Keyilah have all been so helpful throughout my application process and getting me set up for work. They make the process smooth sailing and make sure you’re comfortable with the work you receive! I highly recommend! 🙂
I was nervous about starting supply teaching, however 4 My Schools made the process easy and professional and made me feel confident about my decision. I have found them to be supportive and my consultant, Helen Darling, really understood the types of role and school that I would be interested in and would be a great fit. She checks in regularly and is a fabulous point of contact and sounding board, thank you Helen.
Donna Payne,I thank you very much for your great service from 4myschools.Your kindness and guidance really made my journey ease and it's really my heartiest gratitude for supporting international candidates and supporting your utmost to keep us welcomed.I am really happy as a support teacher and the opportunity you created to me.great service Donna (4myschool).
Katie from 4mySchools have been amazing. She has secured me work placement all the time, she is there when needed whether it’s an email or a phone call. Thank you for being amazing 🤩
Helen Darling is very professional. Her help to find me the right school is so much appreciated.
A very supportive, professional and efficient agency. I would highly recommend and the manner in which Paul Matthews, my consultant, has conducted my opportunities has been superb.
I have recently joined 4myschools and I have nothing but praise. I have my availability and my consultant Lauren had me in work so quick. I had my struggles to start my new role due my own children awaiting school transport Lauren could not have been more supportive and kind I felt no pressure in a very stressful time for me.Kindness, compassion was shown the whole time
Katie at 4myschools is amazing. Katie has been amazing at securing me work but also has been continuously supportive. I constantly say to friends how much of a lovely experience I have had working with this agency and how much I recommend them. Without the agency I would have not been able to get into my dream career and I feel so grateful how much all the team especially Katie believed in me to be able to pursue this career. You’re consistently their priority and you feel so seen it’s lovely to feel looked after. This is definitely an agency that will value you, that are also so great with helping you start your career in a school.
Great company to work for, very supportive and on the end of the phone if needed. Check in regularly and really do take into your welfare and happiness within the job.
I’ve had such a fantastic experience working with 4myschools! They’re friendly and professional and Syvonne Wilson has been great to work with and super helpful.
Super impressed with how amazing and supportive team. Have been very patient with me and explained every step of the way. Bryony especially has always checks up on me to make sure everything is going well. Even pushed for me to get the position. Elated with how everything went.
Hi I recently registered with 4myschools teachers Chelmsford. The person I spoke to who name was Faria was very helpful and she went through the process very well. I was able to ask questions about the organisation and she was able to give me the answers. The organisation is very professional.
A great team! Paul and Kate listen and are helpful as well as supportive. They have made signing up quick and easy. I have had a positive experience and have enjoyed the flexibility and improved work life balance.
Bryony at 4myschools has been professional, understanding and really positive. She is quick to pass on feedback from schools and easy to communicate with, showing a really caring, proactive approach h to finding placements.
So far my experience with 4myschools has been nothing but positive. Paul has been in super helpful in finding new schools for me to work with.
We have been given a consistently high standard of candidates from 4MySchools. The communication is excellent.

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