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Return to supply teaching

Why should I return to teaching and register with 4myschools?

4myschools has been finding teachers temporary and flexible work in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire schools since 2008, and are one of the few agencies who are recommended by the DfE on their get into teaching website.

This is a challenging and rewarding time for all those working to support children and young people’s education, we thank everyone for their hard work.

The Government issued an appeal in December 2021 to former teachers to play their part in the national effort to keep education going by signing up for supply work via supply teacher recruitment agencies like 4myschools.
4myschools has helped former teachers return to teaching for many years now, it is what we do and we know how to help you best

We can help schools and colleges who are in need of returning permanent teachers or supply staff to help cover increased absences by taking care of pre-employment checks
and payment processes to teachers.

How can 4myschools help me?

Here are some of the ways 4myschools can help you:

Support from a team of consultants who are experts in their fields.

offer you flexible work from 1 to 5 days a week

Support to find the right role for you, be that a short or long term position, or perhaps a permanent role.

The ability to trial out roles on supply before committing – making sure the school you choose is right for you

Access to 4myschools CPD portal and Training

An online availability app to help manage your working days

Return to teaching frequently asked questions

Will I need to complete pre-employment checks (e.g. – DBS checks and references)?

Yes, we must follow strict DfE KCSIE criteria however we are experienced at guiding teachers through this with our easy online portal, we will let you know exactly what  you need to provide and how

Who pays for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check?

We will guide you through the process and submit everything needed for a new DBS, the cost of the DBS can be paid for online by you and will be your document to use at a later date when you subscribe to the update service.

How long does a DBS take to progress

This is a difficult question to answer as many factors affect the processing time like the amount of adresses or names you have had. the DBS have improved their processing times immensely over the last few weeks some only taking one day others two weeks.

How much will I get paid and will I pay tax?

You will receive the same daily rate as all other supply teachers which is agreed with the school in question and depends on the area you live and your specialism. Subject to your individual circumstances, you may be subject to deductions for tax on any earnings and/or National Insurance contributions.

Do you offer your own payroll rather than an umbrella company?

Yes; we offer our own payroll, we do not use umbrella companies who will charge you a fee, you will be given a key information document at registration showing all deductions.

Will my teachers’ pension be impacted if I return as a supply teacher?

Teacher Supply agencies cannot participate in the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme (TPS) and therefore returning to teaching in this way will not affect your pension. Local authorities (LAs), academies and further education colleges do participate in the TPS. If you are employed directly as a supply teacher by one of these organisations, then you can check how this may affect you here 

4myschools is legally bound to auto enrol all eligible workers to its own pension scheme which you can opt out of if you wish, the choice is entirely yours.

I’m not a teacher but I’d like to work in a school, say as a teaching assistant. Can I find a school to work in?

Yes, schools are often looking for support staff both on a temporary basis and permanently. We supply support staff and will be able to find appropriate placements for you in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

How do I register with 4myschools?

The easiest way to register with 4myschools is to complete our online form here

Alternatively, why not call us on 01245 353 808 to be able to speak to an experienced, local consultant who will be able to have an initial conversation with you and provide you with honest advice about returning to teaching.

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