4myschools CPD Partners and Loyalty Scheme

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4myschools have given back to support teaching and learning since 2008 and now we want to do even more with our new CPD Partners loyalty scheme.

In 2012 we donated £50,000. to Essex Secondary and Primary Schools to ASHE and EPHA to distribute fairly for CPD.

Every year since then we have sponsored CPD to Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire schools totalling more than £150,000, including sessions with Matthew Syed, Colin Tapscott, Lauren Meadows, The Real David Cameron, Chris Kilkenny, Mind Chimp training and Sue Hugo to name but a few. During the pandemic we have supported supply staff with virtual well-being sessions from NLP trainer Caroline Tyrwhitt, safeguarding training and Covid -19 training.

4myschools CPD Loyalty Scheme Partners

4myschools are excited to announce our new CPD loyalty scheme please contact us to find out more about our partners and how the scheme can work for you.

The Learning Partnership

Supply Teacher CPD Essex Suffolk Norfolk

The Learning Partnership is different. We work in partnership with schools and educators to identify emerging needs each year, and tailor our CPD offer to help schools improve in the areas that matter the most.

Our training focuses on pedagogy, school leadership, foundation subjects and curriculum development, offering development opportunities for teachers at all levels.

To find out more about The Learning Partnership CPD click here »

The CPD Online College

CPD Partner

The CPD online College works in partnership with schools and candidates throughout the UK. Our certified CPD online courses provide you with up-to-date knowledge and legislation on a variety of subjects such as Safeguarding, Behaviour Management Food Hygiene to name but a few. We strive to provide exceptional user-friendly and engaging courses that you can access 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or work.

To access your 4myschools loyalty scheme code please contact 4myschools on 01245 353808 before applying for a course.

To find out more about CPD online College and to view all our courses please click here »

Everyday Leader

CPD Partner

Educational Training

Our aim is to help you develop leadership at all levels of your school. We can develop bespoke training for you on any area of leadership and communication, curriculum leadership or behaviour management. We engage thinking through hands-on activities, rich & visual theory and then coach participants to evaluate, reflect and develop their own practice. Our tailored training programmes can be online or face to face.

Feel free to look at the range of training we can offer by clicking here »

Caroline Tyrwhitt 

Supply Teacher CPD

Caroline specialises in helping teachers make an even bigger difference by supporting them to manage mindset and improve wellbeing. She does this through neurolinguistic programming – both training and coaching – focussed on improving relationships, increasing impact and enhancing success.

She offers training in the form of workshops for reframing mindset and language to improve wellbeing in several areas or fully certified NLP practitioner training geared to educational settings, Coaching is available one-to-one or in groups for one-hour sessions or as part of a bespoke package or programme designed to shift thinking and build confidence to step into leadership.

Find out more and download a case study or free e-book www.modelofexcellence.co.uk

Greenfields Education

CPD Partner

Greenfields Education is an international educational collaborative, supporting schools to improve outcomes through high-quality CPD, curriculum and assessment development and strategic school improvement support.

Everything that we do is founded in evidence about what works in the classroom and we support organisations to effect sustainable change. We work across the country and beyond, building outstanding curriculum provision and pedagogy to ensure that every pupil in every school can be successful.

To find out more about the Greenfields Team click here »

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