Past Supply Teacher and Support Staff CPD Events

Primary and Secondary Supply Teacher CPD 

Confident Curriculum 

Best Behaviour 

Wise Wellbeing

4MySkills – Confident Curriculum – Lauren Meadows
The curriculum sessions focussed on two core aspects:

1. What do you need to know about current educational thinking?
2. What does that look like on a practical level in the classroom?

These sessions addressed basic subject principles of Phonics, mathematics, Reading, Writing and GPS. Teachers were armed with practical strategies for teaching core subjects and had some fun whilst doing so!

4MySkills – Best Behaviour –  Colin Tapscott
Suitable for both primary and secondary staff

When a teacher is off and the supply teacher is called in, there are a lot of emotions going on inside a child’s head. How safe will the cover teacher make me feel? Will the routine be the same? Will they be friendly? And then there are your emotions as the supply teacher. How safe will the children make me feel? Will they be friendly? You will have many behaviour management techniques, but this session aimed to
1. Help teachers understand ‘chimp emotions’, manage yours and have some hope of positively influencing their emotions.
2. Develop confident assertiveness in you as a teacher.
3. How to approach challenging behaviour to de-escalate it
4. Key things to be aware of when dealing with some specific behavioural issues

4MySanity – Wise Wellbeing – Colin Tapscott

This session aimed to look at
• What causes stress?
• How can you manage it?
• What practical steps can you take to reduce stress and manage wellbeing as a supply teacher

The courses were delivered by education experts Colin Tapscott and Lauren Meadows from www.everydayleader.co.uk

Colin Tapscott – Director of Everyday Leader

Colin started life as the son of a farmhand, but with over 28 years’ experience as a teacher and the last 17 of those as a headteacher, he knows a lot about teaching children, managing conflict and managing yourself. Running large schools in areas with children with challenging behaviours, has given Colin insight on how to manage yourself whilst managing children. Colin is now the Director of Everyday Leader, running training that inspires confidence to lead yourself in situations that you face. Colin’s training involves blending rich theory with engaging hands on activities. Learning should be enjoyable. His current work in schools, involves school advisory work, including specialist provision and pupil referral units, and training in managing conflict and leading the curriculum. Colin is also a trained coach.



Lauren Meadows – Associate Educational Advisor & Trainer

Having spent many years working in schools, Lauren now works to support teachers and schools in a variety of capacities. Her expertise around curriculum and assessment forge the bedrock of her work advising MATs, educational think-tanks and other national organisations, including leading English provision for PiXL Primary who represent over 830 schools nationwide. She is the Director of Greenfields Education Ltd and believes wholeheartedly in the power of teachers to shape the lives of young people.