Early Career Teacher (ECT)

Are you an Early Career Teacher (ECT) spending countless hours sifting through job adverts in search of positions open to ECTs? Do you find yourself constantly tweaking your application for each job? Have you experienced the disappointment of being invited to schools for interviews only to be edged out by another candidate?

If you’re feeling disillusioned and disheartened, wondering if your confidence has taken a hit, 4myschools is here to support you!

An accredited recruitment teacher agency

4myschools have worked with ECT’s, NQT’s and all types of teachers from a range of backgrounds since 2008. We are endorsed and accredited by several organisations including Teach in Herts  and the DfE CCS supply teacher and temporary staffing framework. This means we operate in a transparent and professional manner giving you peace of mind that our contracts, pay and charges are fair and compliant.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional, long-standing partnerships with Primary, Secondary, and Special schools. Working throughout Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Hertfordshire. Our team of experts will prioritise listening to your needs, providing unwavering support, and offering coaching every step of the way.

Why register with 4myschools

When you choose to register with 4myschoolshttps://www.4myschools.org/teaching-jobs/ect-jobs/, you gain access to a dedicated team of education consultants who are experts in their field. Our team will guide you through the entire process.  From preparing you for your role and school environment to supporting your interview with tailored lesson plans and observations. Our commitment doesn’t end there.  We ensure you receive constructive feedback from interviews and observed lessons attended, empowering you to refine and adapt your strategy for success.

Our ECT team has a proven track record of matching Early Career Teachers (ECTs) with their perfect school and role. We work on long-term supply and permanent placements. Yes, even long-term placements support induction, allowing you to kickstart your career immediately. Plus, we offer part-time long-term roles that also support ECT induction.

ECT Testimonial

We are proud of our team and what they achieve. However nothing says it better than our latest ECT candidate who was struggling to find a permanent position and was losing confidence everyday.

I had an amazing experience with 4myschools. They are professional and efficient. Helen is always so positive and friendly and was so quick in finding the perfect job for me. Thank you for everything!



Tips for ECTS to find your first permanent role

 Begin by doing some research on schools in your area and reputable agencies that work with schools in your desired location(s).

September 2024 vacancies are being advertised now (we have some we are working on currently – so please visit our jobs board).

The last opportunity for teachers to submit a resignation in time for the new academic year start, is the 31st May. There will be more opportunities arise throughout the remainder of the academic year, but these will start reducing in frequency as we get nearer to the summer holidays.

For those of you who are just qualifying we will have last minute vacancies for September where teachers plans have changed.

What is a suitable position for induction as an ECT?

Firstly the duration of the vacancy needs to be a minimum of 1 term. Both full and part-time positions can support induction, as can permanent roles (where you are employed directly with the school) or long-term supply (where you are booked via an agency).

If you are undertaking a part-time role supporting induction you will need to have completed the equivalent of two years (6 terms) work or; where you can demonstrate that you have met the Teachers’ Standards, the appropriate body is able to reduce the length of the induction period, providing you have completed a period covering, but not equivalent to, two school years, and bring forward the final assessment point (see Induction for early careers teachers section 3 special circumstances).

When working on a supply basis. If you have secured a booking that was not initially long-term, but it is extended to the equivalent of 1 terms work or more, an induction programme must be put in place at the point that this becomes apparent. It is not possible to backdate the start of an induction period.

Please do get in contact if you would like some advice or are looking for this September or next, we are happy to help.

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In what school settings can induction be served

Embarking on a teaching career involves navigating various ECT induction settings.  Each setting is tailored to specific educational institutions. In England, the landscape encompasses diverse options including:

Maintained Schools:

Traditional maintained schools
Non-maintained special schools
Maintained nursery schools
Nursery schools within maintained school premises
Local authority maintained children’s centres
Pupil referral units (PRUs)
Non-maintained Nursery Schools
Independent Schools in England:

Free schools
16–19 academies
Alternative provision academies
City technology colleges
Independent nursery schools (under specific circumstances)
Further Education (FE) Institutions:

Sixth-form colleges (under specific circumstances)

What salary can I expect as an ECT?

ECT’s outside of London will be looking at a starting salary of £30,000. For those working in a school in inner London, the starting salary will be up to £36,745 in accordance with the 2023/2024 teacher pay scales.

Salaries can be increased by taking on addition responsibilities and are dependant on location.

First impressions count as an ECT

Teach in Herts has a useful page including a video from their 2021 cohort. Hertfordshire like the other counties we work, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk  are great places to start your teaching career.

It is important for you to say ’yes’ to the right opportunity for you. Your induction years are some of your first impressions of teaching and they will have a huge impact on your career. Choose your school wisely.

We would recommend attending a few consecutively arranged interviews. This will allow you to make comparisons based on details that are fresh in your mind.

Ask questions about your potential induction tutor and mentor, and where possible meet them. This will help you to gain an understanding of their coaching and mentoring approach.  Doing so will help you establish how you can get the best from this support taking into consideration your learning & working style.

Possibly ask to speak with any current NQTs (pre-September 2021 cohort) to find out about their induction experience.

Finally speak with a specialist education recruitment consultant. As education experts we will be able to provide you with insight based on a collection of other peoples’ experiences and our relationships with school leadership teams.

Content inspiration from Statutory Induction Guidance 2018 (publishing.service.gov.uk) and How do you get a job in teaching after training? (targetjobs.co.uk)

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