Schools complimentary jobs board - 4myschools“It’s too good to be true”, we sometimes hear when we tell schools about the 4myschools jobs board.

It is completely free to any school in the UK to use – candidates apply directly to the school without any intervention from 4myschools. The school has its profile, its logo, its direct contact details, its job description and anything else the school needs to encourage teachers to apply directly to the school for the vacancy.

There is no catch and many schools use the jobs board regularly.

4myschools help to optimise the job vacancy for social media platforms and share the vacancy with contacts we have in addition to posting the job on the social media platforms.

This means schools are able to simply copy their existing text for vacancies and place it on the 4myschools jobs board. This means the school has a greater chance of attracting a stronger field of candidates for each vacancy. All it takes is a few moments to post the job and that is it.

4myschools provide the complimentary jobs board as part of our giving back programme, we support teaching and learning and this service is part of our effort to continue to support schools teachers and learning in the UK.

To use the jobs board schools do not need to be customers of 4myschools – any school in any location is able to simply place an advert.
4myschools do moderate the posting to make sure it has all the correct information to achieve the maximum benefit for the schools and candidates.

Schools in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk and Suffolk use the 4myschools jobs board regularly and benefit from the safe release of the advert to various social media platforms.

We post new jobs into our social media platforms and schools can also share the job vacancy by simply clicking on the job advert and sharing it across their social platforms too.

Schools benefit from great exposure of the job to more teachers and teachers benefit by seeing more vacancies. 4myschools benefit because schools often ask use if we can help them further. So everybody wins.

If you would like to simply put up a test advert, you can remove the advert easily or call us and we will help you put up a test school vacancy with you. Just let us know how we can help.

We would be delighted to put you in touch with other schools that have used the jobs board so they can answer any questions you may have.

Take a look here to see more follow.

Please contact us is you would like to know more; Jobsboard@www.4myschools.org or call us at the office.