Supply Teaching in Hertfordshire: A Flexible and Rewarding Opportunity

Teachers or teaching assistants looking to work on supply in Herts, have you considered joining 4myschools? We are proud to be a preferred supplier for Herts for Learning (HFL) and Teach In Herts.

4myschools have so much work we need more teachers for supply, we can guarantee you will be working every day that you are free.  Many of our schools are really organised and booked the cover they need in advance so by the end of the working week you will know where you are working the following week.   We don’t rely on early morning calls from schools so you wont be waiting by the phone at 7am.  We ask you for feedback on each school you attend, so in future you are only going to the schools you enjoy the most.

Why Teach in Herts on Supply with 4myschools?

One of seven agencies 4myschools was selected by the HFL Supply Framework, ensuring excellent support, continuous professional development (CPD), and fair pay for temporary staff, including teachers and teaching assistants.

You are in charge of how much you work and when, so you can work 5 days one week and none the next, and you change your availability instantly with our  cool app.  which works as your work diary in effect – you add the days you are free and we leave you alone on the days you  are not.  There is no need to email or call us telling us when you want work as we can see it in real time.  All your school bookings automatically get entered into the diary in the app so you don’t need to write down which school you are going to.

When you work with 4myschools for daily or long-term supply teaching, you can expect:

Flexibility: Work as little as one day or as much as five days a week, depending on your availability.

Local Bookings: We book you at nearby schools to reduce travel time and make your workday more convenient.

Choice of Year Groups: Pick the year groups you’re comfortable with, ensuring confidence in your assignments.

Advance Bookings: Schools book cover in advance, providing clarity about your schedule for the following day or week, forget about 7 am calls!

School Selection: Choose the schools you prefer based on your experiences and preferences.

Work-Life Balance: Enjoy the flexibility to go on holiday during term time without any hassle or feeling guilty.

Regular Hours: Work consistent hours from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Weekly Pay: Receive weekly payments for financial stability.

No Umbrella Payroll Companies: We only offer our PAYE with fair and transparent pay.

Award-Winning Agency: Join an agency with a proven record of excellence in supporting teachers and holders of four national awards

Positive Reputation: Benefit from our 5-star rating on Google and over 350 positive reviews on Facebook and Google.

Referral Program: Receive £150 for recommending us to your friends

Supply teaching with 4myschools frequently asked questions?

Is there an abundance of Work?  With high demand, we offer consistent opportunities.

Are bookings offered at 7am? Most schools book cover in advance for a stress-free experience.

Can I give feedback? You are encouraged to provide feedback to tailor future assignments through our updatedge app 

Do I have control over my schedule? you can adjust your availability instantly via our app, its so easy and instant. What’s more you can add other agency and direct school bookings.

Is there an app I can use easily? Our app allows real-time updates and offers from schools directly

Testimonials from Teachers and Teaching Support Staff working with 4myschools

“I have fallen in love with teaching again.”

“I can pick and choose when and where I work without pressure.”

“I have the work-life balance I’ve been craving.”

“I can go on holiday in term time without issues.”

“It feels freeing to teach without the full day-to-day involvement.”

Considering supply teaching in Hertfordshire or have questions? Contact 4myschools today to explore this flexible opportunity! If you want more information on getting started, click here.