Cambridgeshire supply teachers - 4myschools4myschools have been working with Essex schools and supply teachers since 2008 and from that time demand from schools and teachers has increased every year.

We put this down in part to our company ethos, however, the bottom line to growth in demand in a highly competitive market is the consistent quality of service provided to schools and teachers.

A significant proportion on this growth is due to referrals from existing schools and teachers to colleagues probably as a result of the effort we make with our clients so they are impressed by why and what we do.

4myschools support teaching and learning and it is a pleasure for us to help schools and supply teachers to work well together. Because of our success in supporting teaching and learning we are now getting requests from schools and teachers from Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire’s county boarder to the east and south runs alongside the counties of Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk all areas we successfully provide services to. This presents a great opportunity for many teachers working with 4myschools. Many are very keen and willing to hop over the county “line” to support schools and academies in Cambridgeshire.

Likewise, we are finding supply teachers in Cambridgeshire who are keen to work in counties close to them. The ability of supply teachers to share best practice between schools in different counties is typically very helpful for everybody. Greater flexibility on staffing benefits schools and teachers too.

4myschools is beginning to find supply teachers for schools and academies in Cambridgeshire and we welcome requests from schools and teachers for information about the service. Most supply teachers want to know how easy it is to register with a supply agency. The straightforward answer is it’s easy to register; the majority of the work is down to the agency to obtain references and undertake safeguarding checks and to do this promptly.

Supply teachers simply need to bring the originals of their identification papers and examination certificates to the face-to-face meeting. We send you details of what is required as part of the onboarding process so there are no surprises when you meet with us.

The early notification of what is required saves you time and makes the entire process smooth.

If you are a Cambridgeshire primary or secondary supply teacher thinking of supply work in September, a long term contract placement or are interested in day-to-day supply work then please have a look at the website and in particular, we recommend that you only apply to an APSCO or REC education audited recruitment business.

Education quality mark certification by APSCO or REC is about safeguarding children and about protecting you and the schools you work with. It makes sure that the process you going through for registration complies with the law and will save you time and money if you ever wanted to change agencies at some point.

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