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Frequently Asked Questions


I have stayed home for almost six years with my small children. Does this hurt my chances of re-entering the job market at this time?

Are there books to read about getting a teaching job?

Yes, go to one of the online bookstores (amazon.com , for example), and search “teacher job search.” While there are many books about job searching, resume writing and interviewing in general, job searches for teachers are quite different than ones for the business world, and your money will be best spent on a book specifically for teacher jobs.

Should I get my master’s now, or will that make me too expensive and less employable in the future?

The majority of teachers now have a master’s degree. School districts must prove that they have highly-qualified teachers, and having a master’s degree, especially one in a subject matter field, may make you more employable. The best advice is to earn your master’s degree when you have the opportunity, as sometimes life’s experiences prevent us from being able to go back to college.

Do the national websites charge for their services? Are they like “headhunters” in the business world?

Many websites offer programs to match candidates to schools with openings. The owners of the site are making money by charging the schools that advertise openings, not by charging the candidates. Read everything on the website before signing up. Remember that not all openings are posted on commercial sites, especially when budgets are tight. Go to state and local district websites and read them frequently—at least once a week when you are in the job market.

I have heard that employers go to social media sites to find out about the lives of applicants. Can they do this?

Yes, employers can, and do, go to these public sites to see if there is anything about you online. Clean up your accounts and remember that everything that is public can be viewed. Be very careful about your postings and those of your friends on your site. Complete a google search for your name and see what appears.

What is your best advice on getting a teaching job in today’s market?

Start your search early. Make all of your paperwork error free. Use online and professional networks. Practice for your interviews by creating some vignettes that describe your teaching successes. Dress professionally for on-site and online interviews. Make sure that nothing embarrassing about you is available publicly online.