Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you continue to be well and safe

4myschools are working with The Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Government, external lawyers and accountants ensuring that the interests of our workers are represented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

4myschools furloughed all eligible workers from 23rd March when schools closed until schools fully reopened in September 2020. The Job Retention scheme was unprecedented and offered a life line to our candidates allowing us to support them and retain this valuable workforce for our schools.

During the second wave of school closures in January 20214myschools has yet again supported eligible candidates through the furlough scheme.

Will I be eligible for Lateral flow testing?

The DfE has stated that schools rather than agencies will be responsible for testing candidates when they are assigned to a school. This will ensure consistency of testing and allow the hirer (school) to involve test and trace. As of January 2021 many of our supply teachers working in schools are being tested twice weekly as part of the national programme.

Some teacher are collecting tests from the school before their assignment, others are being tested on the day before their assignment starts. 4myschools hopes in time supply teachers will have full access to lateral flow tests to perform at home but accept this requires a change of policy.

Do 4myschools offer Covid-19 CPD?

4myschools have adjusted to the Covid-19 pandemic and prepared all our candidates with training, risk assessments and Covid-19 Policies so they are fully prepared for work in schools.  We will continue to support our supply teachers and support staff by investing in CPD so they are ready for new challenges associated with Covid-19. C-19teacher be s

Can I claim Statutory Sick Pay?

Employees who contract coronavirus, are told to self – isolate by Public Health England or shielding should get Statutory Sick Pay, please click the link to see eligibility.

How do you calculate SSP for eligible employees whose wages vary?

HMRC has provided a SSP calculator on the .Gov website, we will use this to ensure we comply with all up to date guidance

Where can I get accurate advice about schools and Coronavirus?

Please keep up to date on the government website for educational settings

Should a supply teacher or support staff still work if they are fit and able?

Supply teachers and support staff are back working in our schools after receiving free Covid-19 training provided by 4myschools. Thank you, you are all superstars!!

If you want to help then please use updatedge app to let us know you are available, this is the quickest easiest way to let us and your contacts in schools know.

What can I do if I am not eligible for SSP?

If you are not eligible to receive sick pay from HMRC,  and you are shielding or self-isolating you may be able to claim universal credit. We will work with you to ensure you receive all forms of support you are entitled to.