Approved Schools Booking Platform

Book preferred Supply Teachers, Support Staff and others

An open Ed Tech Booking Platform for schools and academy trusts to use with any:

supply teachers, temporary staff, direct employees, parents, volunteers and agencies.

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Use with your network of contacts

See availability, skills, qualifications

Offer same-day or long-term temp vacancies

Chat directly & select best applicants

Book via any mutual agency to ensure safeguarding


4myschools will help to establish your talent network or ask your preferred agencies to help.

Use with an existing talent bank, and any temp workers from any CCS Framework agencies or non-CCS agencies, or any combination.

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Powered by Updatedge the part-time workers availability appf

For flexibility, choice and control

School Talent Pool

Connect with and schedule your part-time employees and school volunteers

Invite preferred contacts to build your network or reliable high quality temporary teachers and support staff.

Academy Trust and Cluster Schools Talent Bank

Build a network of local temporary workers for local cluster schools

Share temporary staffing resources locally

Simply invite workers to share their availability with cluster schools

Offer day-to-day short term and long term jobs within the cluster network

Book preferred temp workers via any preferred agencies

Benefits of using the Ed Tech Booking Platform

  • Reduce supply costs for assignments
  • Transparency, flexibility & choice
  • Know who is available, fill vacancies with the best available candidates, 24/7
  • Greater choice from a larger talent pool
  • See skills, qualifications, reviews, & proximity
  • Directly communicate via chat with your contacts 24/7
  • Use with any agency workers, & part-time employees (agencies don’t need to change how they work)

Use the tech booking platform to fill “easier” cover,  some or all of the time, plus your traditional agencies when required

Building the talent pool

We know how difficult it is to find good reliable high quality supply staff

Schools often have their own contacts and part-time cover supervisors along with other agency favourites to call on

  • Invite existing contacts to start the online talent pool
  • Invite other good temporary workers as they attend the school
  • Encourage good temporary workers to refer other temporary workers
  • Refer temporary workers to preferred agencies to complete all safeguarding checks
  • Once cleared invite your new temp workers to the Ed Tech Platform talent pool 

Education Technology Booking Platform FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to use the Ed Tech Booking Platform?

The Ed Tech Booking Platform is free to use.

Most schools use the free volume option.

Busy schools cover any optional monthly subscription from savings & admin time savings.

Can I use the Ed Tech Booking Platform to order sometimes & my agencies at other times?

Yes – Offers can be made and confirmed via the Booking Platform or not as determined by schools.

What does 4myschools charge for assignments booked via the Ed Tech Booking Platform?

Assignments booked via the booking platform with 4myschools are provided at a reduced fee.

If using the CCS Framework charges are are detailed in the CCS Lot 4 CCS tool and documentation.

Assignments in any part booked outside the Ed Tech Booking Platform under Lot 1 are subject to Lot 1 agreed rates. 

Please contact 4myschools for more details.

What do I need to do to start using the service?

It’s self-service and easy to use. 4myschools will help you set the service up if you that helps.

Three core steps are:

  1. Confirm your school details (automatically uploaded) are correct
  2. Add your profile image (optional)
  3. Invite existing contacts to share their availability

Invitations can be by: giving them a printed invitation, by adding your contacts email, or by asking them to download the Updatedge mobile app and to add you as a contact.

Once your invitation is accepted you will see their availability, can send offers and book them in via any preferred agency.  You can chat with them and send documents via the chat service and see the status of the offers and confirmed bookings on the day, week, month schedule.

How do I book a worker via the Ed Tech Booking Platform?

It’s designed to be straight forward.

  • Create a job/vacancy offer e.g. “Year 6 Cover”
  • Select the date/s start & finish times
  • Add offer notes, (optional)
  • Send the offer to all contacts or specific contacts 
  • Choose from the preferred applicant/s
  • Confirm to that applicant/s & mutual agency

The number & quality of contacts invited to your talent pool is a significant determinant to fullfillment. The larger your network the greater the probability of success.

There are many additional features you’ll see when trying the service.





What will my existing Lot 1 agency charge me when I order via the Ed Tech Platform?

4myschools contracted with CSS at a very low flat fee for all assignments booked via the Ed Tech Platform.

Bookings confirmed to other preferred agencies via the Ed Tech Platform justify a reduction in the normal traditional margin too.

4myschools are unable to determine the margin traditional agencies charge for events confirmed with them via the Ed Tech Platform – this should be agreed between the school and the preferred agency.

It would reasonable for a school to argue the margin should be similar to the 4myschools flat Ed Tech Platform assignment charge.

Referral of workers to 4myschools

There is an option to refer workers to 4myschools should you be unable to agree a reasonable flat rate margin with an agency.  Once the safeguarding checks are complete, the referred workers will be available as a contact via the Ed Tech Platform & can be booked via 4myschools too which will  reduce the agency margin to a low flat fee agreed with CCS.   Please see the 3rd Party Transfer.

Can I use the Ed Tech Platform with any CCS Lot 1 agencies?

Yes – The Ed Tech Platform can be used with any contingent workers with any agencies, including all agencies in Lot 1.

Warning, some traditional agencies may be hesitant, and prefer you not to use the Ed Tech Platform as you have transparency choice flexibility and control.

Agencies do NOT need to use the ed tech platform or make any changes, or pay any fees, if your school uses the ed tech platform.

When you confirm an offer to your preferred applicant, the system will send an assignment confirmation request to your selected agency contact.

Important: To ensure the safeguarding obligation are compliant the school must receive the normal assignment confirmation from you selected agency for each confirmed worker.  

Can I use the Ed Tech Platform and not the CCS Lot 4 Framework?

Yes – The CCS approved Ed Tech Platform can be used by any school with any agencies and any workers all can be outside the CCS or any other framework.  It is up to you to decide.

We used a software application in the past and it didn't work very well, how is this different?

It’s difficult to get a software application to work perfectly for all users. We too have had many ups and downs as it was developed with schools.

The best way to answer this is, is to try the Education Technology Platform and establish if it does what you need,  and let us know if not.

There is plenty on the development road map and the service might be just about to release that feature you need, so please let us know what you need.

We already use a software application it does most of what we want, why is this different?

A broad question and best to speak with us to establish which gaps can be addressed.

Or simply try the service using the 42 day, 6 week free trial to see for yourself.

Will there be a 3rd Party Transfer fee for referrals to 4myschools?

Depends on the contact with your agency.

Most agency contracts include a 3rd Party Transfer fee for workers originally introduced to the school by the agency.

If the school refers workers to 4myschools we will undertake the safeguarding clearing, after 3 months (subject to your agency contract) of referred workers not attending the school the 3rd Party Transfer fee obligation lapses.

Referring workers to 4myschools makes them available via the ed tech booking platform and reduces the agency margin as per Lot 4.

Under the CCS framework agreement there is no provision for 3rd party transfer fees


I'm too busy, I don't have time to look at this, how much time will it take to set up?

Most Headteachers and Cover Supply Managers struggle to find time with so many obligations we understand that. We designed the application to be self-service, it does the heavy lifting.

The only items you need to do are:

  • Check your school details
  • Add your profile image, and
  • Invite or search for your preferred contacts

or give them a printed invitation to your supply workers when you next see them.  

Total set up time is less than 30 mins and we will help you to get started.

Best thing to do before you start is to gather the email addresses of preferred contacts you want to know the availability off e.g. your part-time employees, volunteers, supply teachers and teaching assistants from agencies. Paste these email addresses from a spreadsheet into the invite tab and you’re set.

We’ll walk you through the process, to help, it’s nice and easy to get started..

When do I need to use the Ed Tech Platform, I normally just email or call?

Most good agencies provide 24/7 support to schools and do everything they can to deliver an exceptional service.

Late night, early morning and weekend requirements are typically pinch points where demand is irratic or high, at these times schools can be left short or uncertain as to who will be appointed.

Being able to offer work and fill vacancies from the comfort of home via a mobile phone makes sense, removes delay and anxiety. It’s at times like this Headteachers & Cover Managers really benefit from access to their online bank of good workers.

The hybrid model is to continue with emails and calls, whilst transacting via the Ed Tech Platform to suit how you prefer using the platform when it adds value.

Can I use the Ed Tech Booking Platform and email or call as normal?

Yes – The Ed Tech Booking Platform can be used as much or as little as the school wants, in alliance with traditional phone calls and emails.

Schools relationships with existing preferred agency contacts and workers continues as normal.

Assignments in any part booked outside the Ed Tech Booking Platform are subject to the Lot 1 agreed rates. This would be the same for all agencies.

What can I do when my agency refuses to accept bookings via the Ed Tech Platform?

Most good agencies are delighted to recieve booking orders.

An order via the Ed Tech Platform is the same as asking a supply teacher if they can also cover tomorrow, and letting your agency know the supply teacher agreed.

The only difference is the supply teacher recieved the offer via the Ed Tech Platform and the school confirmed to the worker, automatically sending the booking order / assignment request to the selected mutual agency.  There really is little difference.

There are many agencies willing to receive Ed Tech Platform booking orders directly, including 4myschools.

If your existing agency refuses to support your booking requests via the Ed Tech Platform please refer the workers to 4myschools or other agencies that will.

4myschools will make the referred workers available to you via the Ed Tech Platform once they have been through the safeguarding process.


My preferred agency doesn't want to use the Ed Tech Platform with our school what do I do?

Your agencies don’t need to use any aspect of the Ed Tech Platform.

Schools and workers use the Ed Tech Platform and agencies can is they want to.

No agency has to make any change to their processes at all.

Agencies simply recieve emailed booking requests from the school when the school confirms a booking and selects preferred applicants and the mutual agency.

  • Agencies do not need to use the platform with the school
  • Agencies do not pay any fees at all, for receiving orders, or anything else
  • There is no charge to any supply teachers or any temporary staff using the Ed Tech Platform

Your preferred agency has no obligation to use the Ed Tech Platform.

You can continue to trade with them as you normally do, other than they will get direct orders to supply teachers you’ve chosen to confirm vacancies to.


Can I rate my contacts on the Ed Tech Platform?

Yes – Ratings are very helpful –

5 Star Rating & Public Reviews 

You can leave a star rating and review for any of your contacts including your agencies.  These can be public reviews that anybody can see. 

When you add a new rating your contact will get an alert and will be able to see the star rating and  review you left. 

As you contacts recieve further ratings the platform show the average rating for the contact and you can access the reviews. 

Private Reviews

There is an option to leave private for your eyes only reviews that only you see for all your contacts too. 

An example of a private note might be: “Contact available via Agency B @£30 per day, Agency C @£38 per day, Agency D @ £45”  

How do I find out more about the Ed Tech Booking Platform?

Contact 4myschools using the form below this section, or

Follow the Link to Updatedge the ed tech booking platform provider

Can I use the Ed Tech Booking Platform with my agency?

Yes.  The Ed Tech Booking Platform is designed to be fully open and can be used by any school with any agencies.


Can I refer my contacts to 4myschools to add to my Ed Tech Booking Platform talent bank?

Yes – 4myschools will help set up and will clear any referred workers through the safeguarding process to make them available via the Ed Tech Booking Platform.

Can our Academy Trust use the Ed Tech Booking Platform with our schools?

Yes –  The Ed Tech Booking Platform can be used by individual Academy Trust Schools or all the trust schools.

Can we set up a talent bank for local cluster schools?

Yes – Simply encourage each cluster school to invite their preferred supply teachers and non teaching support staff from the Ed Tech Platform to share their availability. Those workers can search for an add each of the cluster schools who will be able to see those contacts availabiltiy and offer them work. 

4myschools will help set up the cluster talent bank and will undertake the safeguarding obligations for referred workers if the existing agencies are unable to support the creation of the cluster schools own talent bank. 

Want to hear more? Please contact my school about the CCS Ed Tech Platform

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