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Many schools advertise their jobs on the 4myschools Jobs Board

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Applicants apply directly to the school,

Part of 4myschools Giving Back.

Any school in the UK can use 4myschools schools jobs board for their vacancies.

All school adverts include the schools’ contact details, schools’ profile and the job description.

4myschools simply enable schools to increase the field of applicants for vacancies so everybody benefits.

We support adverts by promoting them via social media links on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 

A free service since 2009

Many schools are successful in finding candidates.

Benefits of using the 4myschools jobs Board?

Advertising your vacancies on the 4myschools jobs board increases the exposure you get a

Increased the number of candidates who see the opportunity.

Very easy to use.

Add as many jobs as you like

All your school contact details, school logo and profile.

Try with a test vacancy to start; you can delete it or replace it once you are comfortable at any time.

Please drop us an email or call us if you need any help

Or email at: jobsboard@4myschools.org 

Or call on: 01245 353 808.

Job Board adverts content:

normally include as a minimum the following fields:

Subject, Key Stage, Pay Rate/Scale, Full or Part Time, Start date for the job, Duration (as applicable),

Closing date for applications, School Profile and School contact details.

In fact all the normal items you would typically put in an advert to enable applicants to understand the opportunity –

If you need a new field let us know and we will update the jobs board for you and other schools.

Thanks for considering using the 4myschools Jobs Board