This time last year I was a week into my new job with 4myschools and chomping at the bit to get started. Alongside listening to the onboarding, training and conversations with my new colleagues, candidates, and schools, were the whispers of COVID-19 which were getting louder and louder.

Hearing the then rumours of a national lockdown were not only confusing because of the uncertainty of what that meant for everybody but also, having just joined the company, I found this quite concerning as I was not sure how it would impact my job.

Thankfully, my concerns were put at ease through the clear and continual communication we received from our CEO Simone Payne who worked tirelessly so all her staff and supply teachers and support staff felt supported during these unprecedented times.

During the lockdown we made a conscious effort to get feedback from all our candidates to ensure that we were doing our utmost to continue providing them with the high-quality service we promised; and the feedback we received as you can see was excellent. Which was hugely satisfying to all the team working so hard to pre-empt and plan for our schools and candidates.

“As an experienced supply teacher, I would highly recommend 4myschools for their conscientious approach – including:
– A thorough interview in terms of qualifications, experience etc
– Care & personal attention is given to you as a person rather than just another placement opportunity
– A range of diverse placement offers on a regular basis
– Placement feedback is always discussed and noted
– 4myschools have recently made an exceptional & diligent effort to secure furlough payments for each & every one of their registered teachers – underpinned by email updates at every step of the process”.


David, Supply Teacher

“In the short time, I have been working for 4myschools. They have been really supportive. 4myschools have found me regular work. Regularly checked up that things are going well and have been truly amazing through the current Covid-19 crisis. Furloughing or ensuring long term contracts are upheld by schools.”


Jackie H, Supply Teacher

“I have been very impressed with the way 4myschools have supported me during the covid19 crisis.
I have received regular payments and they have provided all the information to ensure I understand the process thank you.”


Janet, Supply Teacher

I was thrilled in September to get the chance to do the job I love. The schools were open. Yey! And so, after 6 months, I was able to speak with schools and candidates about their future and how we were able to help them reach their goals. At the end of the busy autumn term, we finished for Christmas ready to relax and reenergise to be able to do it all again from January. Well, that was a bit of a non-event.

As my first-year anniversary passes and schools have completed their first week back from the second national lockdown, I wanted to take some time to reflect. I have thoroughly enjoyed working at 4myschools. With, let’s just say, over 10 years’ experience working as a specialist education recruitment consultant, this year was a year of learning. Learning about myself, learning new skills, and learning how adaptable we are in the face of adversity. This past year has highlighted that it is important to me that where I work has an ethical approach and I am thankful that I work for a conscientious company that truly thinks about its employees, schools and candidates in its decision making.

Bryony Lopez 4myschools recruitment consultant

Thank you for an enjoyable first year. Yes, it has been challenging, and it is because of this that I have been able to identify new attributes and skill sets that I can apply to my professional approach. Undoubtedly, it is due to the continued support from all the 4myschools team, that I will remember my first year with 4myschools fondly.

So now to see what the second year brings… 

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