How disappointing that there are plans to remove practical experiments from GCSE science GCSE Assessments. My kids love this aspect of science, I still recall the excitement of my son when he recounted the experiment where some chemical was thrown in water and explained to me why it blew up.

That captured his imagination and he’s not looked back since. Okay it wasn’t a particular considered practical experiment but it certainly inspired the children starting out their science education and most of them will do really well from that inspiring start and the joy of creating and explosion themselves in practical work.

Plans to remove practical experiments from GCSE science exams have a “great potential for damage”, according to the Wellcome Trust,

There are warnings that science GCSE science grades could fall and this could greatly damage British science – I agree. As a young learner without access to practical experiments, simply listening to the teacher talking about it is really very disappointing and can only serve to switch off more young people from the beauty of science.

I suspect this proposed change is about reducing costs what else could it be? The long term outcome will be that children are less inclined to enjoy science and will sit through the obligatory science uninspired. This will have a knock on effect in other lessons too, might school be seen as duller without practical experiments in science. Yes sadly. The outcome can only be less people progressing into the wonderful world of science at ‘A’ level and beyond.

We need more engineers and scientist in the UK so what good can come of removing experiments in schools. Not to mention the teachers who will be less inclined to make things amaze their students bring alive the topic they are covering. What a shame.