Partnering with VNET - 4myschools4myschools believe that by creating innovative social businesses, we are able to make a real difference to society. We believe that the education of children is fundamental to the enrichment of society and every day we make a contribution.

Everything we do is focused on making a difference for teachers, children and schools. 

We believe that by sponsoring CPD events raises children’s aspirations, supports teachers, and the schools.

We believe that the relationship between teachers, children and parents is key to raising children’s aspirations and we are investing in projects with schools and teachers to enable this.

4myschools believe that every penny of schools’ financial resource should be focused on children rather than shareholder profit. We are passionate about making a difference.

One of the ways we are successfully doing so is by partnering with other companies who share our vision and our goals. One of our most recent partnerships is with the Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC.

The Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC (VNET) 

Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC (VNET) is a non-profit Community Interest Company dedicated to improving life chances for children and young people across East Anglia and beyond. As an organisation, VNET have two main aims:

Strong Network

To develop a strong network of schools, academies and other settings, supported and supporting one another to improve through targeted activities with educational leaders, high quality personnel and partners, where the whole network is stronger than the individual and everyone is focussed on improving provision and outcomes for children and young people.

Responsive Organisation

To be an organisation which is responsive to the needs of the network it supports and the educational marketplace, remaining centrally small, agile and cost effective whilst drawing on national and international expertise to improve the delivery of services and measurable impact.

All the work of the VNET core team, associates and the partners such as 4myschools who work with VNET are dedicated to achieving those two aims on behalf of the schools that form our network.

The VNET Network: 

VNET was established in 2017 at the request of school leaders in Norfolk to continue the outstanding work of Better To Best – a school-led approach to improvement which played a crucial part in raising Ofsted grades in Norfolk schools from 59% Good or better in 2013, to 89% Good or better in 2017.

Those leaders had created a network of schools, academies and colleges that were all committed to developing further strong ties and joint working, undertaking innovative projects leading to improvements in practice and outcomes, and sharing their experiences and expertise with one another.

VNET is the continuation of that network – working on behalf of its members to help schools continuously improve life chances for children and young people.

There are currently 235 network member schools, academies and colleges for the academic year 2017-18, spread across East Anglia – a gradual growth that has been built on success and undertaken sustainably to ensure quality.

VNET Autumn Term Conference – “Diminishing The Difference”

4myschools are delighted to be sponsoring the VNET Autumn Term Conference on “Diminishing The Difference”.

The conference will be led by David Cameron, known as “The Real David Cameron” who uses his own experiences, from leadership of children’s services at authority level and development of national education policy, to practical experience in the classroom, to be able to lead such a thought-provoking topic.

David will be joined by Chris Kilkenny, an inspirational young man who offers a voice to the children who experience poverty through school. Chris experienced four failed school placements and spent time in rehabilitation centres living his mother whilst still attending school. Chris can detail “a first-hand experience of being in the education system and living in poverty”. Chris describes himself as a “black box on an aircraft that has crashed…filled with useful information gathered during that crash to prevent further failures by adapting the future builds and flight paths”.

To find out more about Chris Kilkenny; click on https://chriskilkenny.co.uk/bio

Using both David and Chris’s experience, questions will be posed about what could have made the difference for Chris as a child in the education system. “Diminishing the Difference” or “Closing The Gap” is a challenge in education that is continually being addressed and yet finding the answers are becoming increasing difficult. David and Chris’s session will consider the volumes of advice available, and who is worth listening to.

How can you support 4myschools?

There are many ways to support 4myschools, both in Norfolk and in the other areas that we work with. Your support enables us to continue to sponsor events for school leaders and for supply teachers, to improve local education.

As a teacher, or member of support staff, you can support 4myschools by registering with us and working through 4myschools! On top of allowing us to put the profits we make back in to the community locally, every day that a candidate works for us enables us to donate 35 acts of giving. We have currently donated over 1.7 million acts of giving! This includes:

  • 160 eye care consultations for children to access education
  • 18,550 days of education support to children in Cambodia
  • 137,860 learning tools to nursery schools in Ethiopia
  • 10,000 daily vitamin supplements to children in need

To find out more, see our page about giving back.

Supply Teacher Louise has reviewed 4myschools and commented “4myschools are very supportive and encouraging. I like the fact that for every day of supply they give 35 children access to clean water in developing countries”

As a school, you can support 4myschools by booking your supply teachers and support staff from us. Every day that you book with 4myschools enables us to continue to support all our Giving Back projects.

We also ensure we have fair rates, both as a charge to the school and as pay to the candidate. You would have a dedicated, local consultant who will be able to give you honest and transparent guidance as to the candidates available at any given time, to enable you to always make the right decision for your school.

Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form gave 4myschools 10/10 when asked how likely is it that you would recommend 4myschools “because they are very efficient and provide a great service”. 

To find out more about 4myschools take a look through our website or call 01245 353 808 to speak to your local, specialist Consultant.