Protect our children’s future Global recycling day 18th March 2021

Global Recycling Day’ and every day the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources and at some point, they will run out!

Therefore, we must be so conscious of recycling and the waste which we throw away.

4myschools are a paperless business and play our part in recycling to protect our children’s future.

4myschools registration process for supply teachers and support staff to work in schools is a paperless process and has been so for several years.

Candidates are put in control of this process by uploading their own documents to our secure online platform where our expert compliance team start the vetting process.

We take candidate selection very seriously as we want the best people to help children succeed.

All our communications to schools and academies are online including our back-office systems, no wasted paper.

Our payroll is run through a secure online portal, so the candidate has full access to their PAYE documents such as payslips, nothing is posted.

We work with two umbrella companies who also run a paperless process, so our candidates have a choice if they are multi-agency and want to be employed this way.

There are plenty of ways to get involved in Global Recycling Day by organising your own events, helping to promote Global Recycling Day by sharing activities on social media and for those working with school children and young people you can download localised activity suggestions .

For even more ideas on how to get involved visit https://www.globalrecyclingday.com/

What are you doing to help children inherit a beautiful planet?

For more information, get in touch.