The government will be publishing guidelines in the Autumn about what is appropriate uniform in schools and even appropriate hairstyles and we should also consider the effect on a child’s mental health when they for no fault of their own are thrown into poverty.

Uniform is a contentious issue with many families struggling to afford the correct footwear let alone all the branded items many children feel pressured to wear.

In 2021 after the devastating effect of Covid 19 on jobs many families are struggling even more to afford these expensive items. Now is the time for the government to get this right and help families.

This reminded me of a short 2-minute film called the wrong trainers, now seems a perfect time to revisit this:

I had the pleasure to meet Chris Kilkenny a few years ago sponsoring him to tour some schools across Essex telling his story to teachers and students of how his mother’s addiction to drugs had thrown him and his siblings into poverty.

What is your position on school uniform?

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