How 4myschools support supply teachers and support staff during Covid -19

4myschools are doing everything we can to support our supply teachers and teaching assistants during school closures. We know and appreciate how valuable the workforce is to school children and how much our candidates want to support schools now more than ever before.

4myschools’ supply teachers and support staff are either continuing to work in schools, being paid by schools for pre-booked assignments or eligible candidates are being supported through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

DfE and Cabinet Office Guidance

Some schools and academies we work with have secured our teachers’ income through their existing long-term assignments recommended by the DFE and cabinet office guidance. These teachers will be paid in full or at 80% of the original assignment.

We would like to thank the schools who have made this commitment to support our valuable supply teachers and teaching assistants, so they receive pay during this difficult time. 

The Furlough scheme eligibility

Eligible teachers working last term who did not, or we were not able to secure their long-term assignments have been placed on furlough. Our aim is for teachers and support staff to continue to be on furlough leave until schools return on or before the 8th March 2021.

4myschools like all employers are no longer able to claim back the full cost of the furlough scheme. The cost of running the payroll, Employers NI, Pension, and Apprenticeship Levy are all costs we are covering whilst impacted ourselves.

There are a small number of candidates who fall through the cracks and are having to be supported by other benefits. 4myschools believes this is wrong and that all supply teachers and LSA staff who worked the last term in schools should be eligible for the CJRS. 4myschools believe the government should cover the full cost of the grant to support this vital workforce to keep our schools open when needed. 

Eligibility criteria changed in November 2020 meaning we could only furlough teachers and support staff who were on our payroll by 31st October 2020.

Treasury Directive and backdating furlough pay

4myschools’ teachers and supply staff have been furloughed from 19th January 2021 due to a Treasury Directive preventing us from backdating furlough pay to the  5th January 2021 when schools closed. 

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation campaign

On Friday 5 February 2021 Lib Dem Spokesperson for Education Daisy Cooper MP challenged the government over its refusal to allow education agencies to backdate furlough payments. 4myschools is an active member of the REC and our CEO Simone Payne, is the Vice-Chair of the REC Education Sector. We were pleased to hear Daisy Cooper MP specifically mention the REC’s campaigning work on this matter in parliament. Indeed, there is growing support amongst MPs for their campaign and the REC will continue to push the government for change on this. 

Keeping Our Candidates Informed

4myschools have always been committed to doing the right thing, fair pay and being an ethical employer who has supported all our school workforce. Every candidate on our books has been contacted several times by our dedicated team to ensure their wellbeing and keep them up to date with developments. We send regular updates to our candidates by email to ensure they are aware of any progress on our campaign for vaccines for teachers and how lateral flow tests will work for supply teachers. 

The 4myschools Team

The 4myschools team are still working although, in fewer numbers, some are furloughed and or homeschooling, we look forward to their return as soon as schools reopen fully. The current “phoenix team” as we like to call them are taking bookings for Easter and even September or supporting schools with supply teachers for key worker and vulnerable children.

If you need us, we are here and ready to support our candidates and schools please call us on 01245 353808 if we can help.