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Becoming a Supply Teacher might seem odd having been a permanent teacher employed by schools for your full teaching career, however we are often asked what does it take to be a supply teacher.

Almost every week we are contacted by NQT’s and retiring teachers who are looking for supply teacher opportunities but aren’t sure. Naturally we are delighted to help. The most often asked question is: “How much work will I get?” and our answer is “this is up to you”.

It is in part a function of the phase you are experienced with, your subjects and most importantly how good a teacher you are. That last bit how good a teacher you are is pivotal. Engaging well with students is a prerequisite for any teacher in a full time role or as a supply teacher.

Other important aspect are the number of days you want to teach, if you are an English, PE, Science or Maths teacher we are likely to find you work every day of the week. Another consideration is the area in which you live. Some counties have a particular shortage in a particular subject whilst others don’t so in part it depends on which area you live in. At 4myschools we work across all the counties in the South of England, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and more, and if you are willing to travel we can typically find work for you in a school that you like.

Becoming a Supply Teacher really isn’t difficult clearly you are required to provide the usual identity information, proof of address, qualifications, and references and attend a face-to-face interview so we can get to know what you want. We will recommend that you register with the DBS update service too this enables you to maintain your DBS rather than having to pay for a new one each time you change your role.

Supply Teacher Flexibility

There are many benefits of being a Supply Teacher, it offers great flexibility you determine where you work, how often you work, if you want to do long term placements or just a few days or any combination of these to suit you.

For most retired teachers working with us they typically want to do only a few days at the beginning to see how it goes and often really enjoy the flexibility and find themselves doing much more. This benefits them and the schools and in particular the children they are teaching.

Experienced teachers that become a supply teacher are so valuable to the children reducing the disruption to them and the school as the experienced teachers able to quickly integrate with the school and know so very well how to engage with the children.

It’s not always a “walk in the park” as a supply teacher, there are some schools with children that can be very demanding, who are fed up by being taught by yet another supply teacher. This is difficult for everybody and the experienced teacher with empathy towards the pupils and the ability to engage them when the students are frustrated is skill and very rewarding for the teacher and all those concerned. Naturally a supply teacher with this ability will be asked back many times to support the schools and children so plenty of work is available as a supply teacher.

Supply Teacher Agency Workers Regulations

The good news is that with the Agency Workers Regulations as a supply teacher from day one with a school you must be treated equally, as if you are employed directly by the school. For pay this come into effect after a 12 week qualifying period when your pay will be equal to that which an equivalent teacher employed by the school would be paid. With Free Schools and Academies some of which have their own alternative to Teachers Standard Pay and Conditions we establish on your behalf what the equal arrangements are so everybody is clear from the very beginning.

Being a Supply Teacher is very rewarding – it provides you with great flexibility and as a new teacher starting out, or a retired teacher interested in doing a few days here and there, you get to choose which schools and children you work with and continue as a professional to support teaching and learning.

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