4mybanner2Uncertainty of the new supply teacher

Part of the uncertainty of being a supply teacher is the schools that you will be invited to work with.

Often the new supply teachers feel obliged to take the work that is offered by the agency representing them which is a good position to take when first starting out.

At the outset with a new supply teacher agency accepting assignments offered at a school you may not know helps to establish a work history with the agency and indeed with the school.

Feedback is critical for supply teachers and schools

The critical aspect to this early work history is that the agency knows you will take assignments when offered so you are seen as a reliable teacher. Importantly you are asked to provide feedback on how well you got on with the school and the children for each assignment you take. This genuine feedback is key to building a successful relationship with the agency and schools.

4myschools want to know how you got on, if you liked the school and also we ask the school how they felt you got on and if they would like you back. Often the schools don’t provide direct feedback which actually is also good news as there have been no issues and the school day proceeded as normal without interruption. Often we are told how wonderful the supply teacher was which is wonderful news for everybody and we’re delighted to be able to pass that on.

This feedback builds up a list of schools that rate the quality of teaching you provide and these schools are hopefully your favourites too.

The trick is to be honest when giving feedback, and importantly for the agency to record that feedback so they know what rating the school gave you, and you gave the school. It’s a key aspect to success as a supply teacher, if your agency isn’t asking for your feedback and isn’t asking the school for theirs the matching will never improve.


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