How to find supply work as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) in Birmingham schools?

Have you ever contemplated the rewarding journey of helping young minds thrive and learn, but felt unsure about where to begin? Perhaps you’re transitioning from a successful career in another field and aspire to channel your skills into teaching? Well, you’re in the right place!

Becoming a Teaching Assistant in Birmingham is an accessible and fulfilling path that doesn’t always require holding Qualified Teacher Status. In this blog, we’ll explore the various avenues available for aspiring TAs and those looking to venture into the world of teaching.

Never Set Foot in a School Before? No Worries!

If you’ve never set foot in a school before, starting as a Teaching Assistant or 1-1 Learning Support Assistant could be the perfect steppingstone. These roles provide valuable entry points into the educational sphere, allowing you to gain essential experience while making a difference.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Cheyenne, a Teaching Assistant, has to say:

“I want to say a huge Thank you for putting me on my career path. Within 8 months I’ve gone from a learning support assistant to passing my TA course, to becoming an SEN 1:1, classroom assistant & now a full-time TA. So Thank you for giving me that opportunity. I’ll forever be grateful.”




Teaching Assistant 

Understanding the Role of a Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant, sometimes known as a Classroom Assistant, plays a vital role in supporting learners in the classroom, primarily in Primary School key stages. They work closely with teachers to facilitate student learning, often leading small groups in subjects like Reading, Writing, and Maths and providing feedback on students’ progress.

Teaching Assistants are also responsible for classroom setup, preparing worksheets and resources, and helping maintain a conducive learning environment.

Qualities of a Great Teaching Assistant

To excel as a Teaching Assistant in Birmingham, you should possess the following qualities:

Experience with Children: Ideally, you should have experience working with children aged 3-11 years old.

One-to-One Support Skills: Proficiency in supporting children on a one-to-one basis is essential.

Effective Behaviour Management: Confidence in managing classroom behaviour is a valuable skill.

Flexibility: Teaching Assistant roles are dynamic, so be prepared for each day to bring new challenges and opportunities.

Experience That Makes You Shine

While experience with Primary-aged students is valuable, your attitude and enthusiasm are equally crucial. Schools look for individuals with a can-do attitude who are passionate about working with children.

Advancing Your Career as a Teaching Assistant

If you’re an experienced Teaching Assistant looking to take the next step, consider becoming a Higher-Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA). HLTA roles involve more extensive involvement in teaching and learning, including promoting positive behaviour, fostering relationships, supporting child development, and assisting teachers in various activities.

Returning Teachers and Aspiring Educators

If you’ve worked as a teacher in the past and are considering a return, you can start as a Teaching Assistant TA or a 1-1 Learning Support Assistant (LSA). Many teachers who qualified years ago have successfully regained confidence by initially working in these roles before fully returning to the classroom.

The Department For Education offers support and subject specialism training for teachers returning to the profession or those qualified but new to school teaching. Explore the possibilities on the Get Into Teaching website.

How 4myschools Can Help You

4myschools collaborates with Primary and Secondary State Schools, Private Schools, Independent Schools, and Academies in Birmingham, all seeking dedicated individuals like you to embark on a rich and rewarding career in education. Whether you’re interested in voluntary work, training, or gaining more classroom experience, we have partnerships with schools that can pave the way for your teaching journey.

Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in teaching and become a vital part of Birmingham’s educational landscape with 4myschools by your side.

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