Supply teacher pay is a FAQ, 4myschools give you the choice to weigh up being employed by an umbrella company v 4myschools agency PAYE. Our preference is you are employed and paid by 4myschools weekly PAYE.

How many temporary workers are on our PAYE

over 90% of our temporary workers are employed on a contract for services with 4myschools, we do not feel being employed by an umbrella company adds any value today as it did in the past.

Having said that we have a small number of teachers and support staff who signed up with their chosen umbrella company some time ago and do not want to change. The choice is yours and we respect that.

If employed by 4myschools you will be given a contract for services which means you have worker rights this is different from an employment contract which is typically issued by a school.

What is a contract for services?

A contract for services gives you flexibility to work when you want and gain worker rights like pension, sick and holiday pay.

Temporary workers who prefer to be employed by an umbrella company are still assigned by 4myschools and paid via the umbrella PAYE scheme although 4myschools are not their employer. Candidates who work with multiple agencies sometimes prefer to be employed by an umbrella company so they have one employer and can be assigned by many agencies working through one umbrella company.

Does being employed by an Umbrella company change AWR rules

No. Agency Worker Regulations offer you the same day 1 and all other rights including pay parity whether you are employed by an agency or an umbrella company.

What is (AWR) Agency Worker Regulations?

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR) give supply teachers who are supplied to schools by agencies the right to be engaged on at least the same terms and conditions as teachers or support staff who are employed by schools directly. This is referred to as equal treatment. If you are an agency worker, you are entitled to work under the same basic employment rights that would have applied if the school had taken you on directly. These will apply after you have worked in the same role for the same ‘hirer’ for 12 weeks. You will also be entitled to certain Day One rights from the first day of an assignment.

What are Day One Rights as a Supply Teacher or Support Staff?

From day one of an assignment, you will be entitled to the right to access information on job vacancies and the right to access collective on-site facilities, such as car parking, childcare facilities, canteen facilities and any transport services that are provided to the teachers and support staff employed directly by the school.

What is equal treatment in relation to (AWR) Agency Worker Regulations?

Equal treatment means the terms and conditions that relate to; pay, duration of working time, night work, rest periods, rest breaks, and annual leave. These rights apply once you have qualified for equal treatment, but you will not become an employee of the school.

How do I keep you updated with my availability?

4myschools use updatedge – an availability app that connects your schedule directly with our systems and other agencies or schools who choose to use the service. That means we always know when you are available for work without having to call you. Through this app, you can also connect with your favourite schools so when they have a need, they can see your availability and easily reach out to you. Using updatedge keeps your availability up to date and will increase your opportunities for work.

How do I complete timesheets?

4myschools do not waste your time asking you to complete pointless paper or electronic timesheets, we simply do this for you at the end of every week with the schools you have worked at.

Do I need to pay 4myschools for any service out of my wages?

Agencies such as 4myschools must not deduct any amount from their candidates for employment services, this would be in breach of The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

We do have to make deductions for HMRC or any other legal deductions we are required to make.

If you are assigned by 4myschools and employed by an umbrella company, they are permitted to charge you for payroll costs however this is not deducted by 4myschools and is an agreement you have with your umbrella company as your employer.

If you choose to be employed by 4myschools there is no charge for payroll services.

When do I pay into my pension and can I use my Teacher Pension?

4myschools and umbrella companies are legally required to auto enrol all eligible employees, 4myschools use The Peoples Pension. You can unsubscribe after auto enrolment and get a refund within the permitted timeframe if you wish, however under government legislation we cannot do this for you.

Can I pay into The Teachers Pension Scheme

Supply agencies including 4myschools are not currently permitted to participate in The Teachers’ Pension Scheme, we continue to pursue this issue to secure equal access to the TPS for all teachers working in state-funded schools.

For more questions or information, get in touch with us or call 01245 353808