4mybanner3The school asks me to come back, what should I do?

Firstly pat yourself on the back because you’ve set a good impression with the school.

You will typically know your commitments and your availability to work the following day. If you are available you should confirm to the school as soon as they ask you. If you are uncertain or are waiting for an alternative offer then simply let the school know that there is a chance you’ll be available the following day but that you need to confirm with the office. The offer can be from any agency you are enrolled with.

Please don’t commit to the school if you are unsure or can’t do the assignment as this can cause the school a problem if they have not asked anybody else to take the assignment. If you’ve said yes why would they ask for an alternative?

It is imperative that you inform your consultant that you’ve accepted a follow up assignment or indeed if you’ve been asked and are unable to do it. By telling 4myschools we are able to quickly look at options for the school.

Sometimes the school will have agreed with you to do the work but they have not told (emailed) the agency and you may not have either. This can mean that your pay is incorrect for the week as 4myschools were unaware that you’d take on an additional assignment.

Best to simply call, email or text the agency to let them know even when the school tells you that they will inform the agency. With the hectic workload of the Headteacher or Cover Manager they can simply forget to send the email or call the agency which would mean your pay might be incorrect for the week.