Timesheets – who needs them?

Let’s face it timesheets that need to be signed by the Supply Teacher and the school, it is typically the obligation of the supply teacher to chase the Cover Manager this can be a nightmare.

4myschools have dispensed with timesheets which save teacher and the cover manager the administration of chasing each other around. At the end of week 4myschools will have spoken with the school and the teacher both will have confirmed the assignments undertaken so what does the timesheet add to this?

Timesheets Supply Teachers

4myschools ask the Cover Manager to confirm that the teacher attended the school on the day detailed if they say yes then that is the end of it.

Sometimes the school will confirm an assignment that didn’t actually happen. This is normally picked up by the school when they get their invoice. Or the teacher will query their pay.

So along with creating the assignment confirmation, conversations with the school and the teacher 4myschools don’t bother with signing timesheets, making the entire process more efficient and effective for supply teachers and schools.