demand for supply teachers - 4myschoolsIf you are considering registering as a supply teacher and are uncertain about the extent to which you are offered work you can always call us to discuss. The bottom line is that if you are a good teacher then we are likely to be able to find you regular work in schools you prefer to work in.

The key aspect is the quality of teaching you provide, the proximity within which you prefer to work, your availability to work and the subjects you teach and to an extent the time of the year.

Overall demand for supply teachers appears to be increasing even with budgets becoming more stressed.

It is a fact that schools will not carry more staff than they can afford for long. It is also a fact that where schools have taken on several cover supervisors to fill in teacher vacancies the cover supervisors often find the role too stressful and the staffing issue turn the full cycle.

Schools recognise that having access to a flexible qualified workforce via an ethical supply teacher is a benefit. Schools are happy to invest time and effort in building up a trusted relationship with their agencies of choice and 4myschools makes a big effort to nurture that relationship with the school and the teachers we propose to the school.

The demand for supply teachers, cover supervisors and classroom assistants is pretty constant although as mentioned above during late June and early July demand tends to decline as the exam season kicks in in secondary schools.

Register early

Even though demand remains constant for most of the year and dips a little in June, July it makes very good sense to register with your preferred supply teacher agencies before the schools close in mid-July.

In particular if you are expecting to start work as a supply teacher at the beginning of the new academic year in September you will need to have cleared the registration safeguarding process.

Part of the safeguarding process is obtaining references from your most recent teaching post and further references to cover any gaps in your teaching. We are able to do this work through the summer holidays, however, many schools are shut and this slows down the registration process. So it is far better to register well before the long summer break so that you are cleared and ready to start work as a supply teacher day one of the academic year.

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