Normally you will have been sent an assignment confirmation notification which details the start time and finish time. It also includes the number of minutes before the assignment starts to arrive by.

Some schools are very large so if one was teaching in the science block, in addition to the process of identification and briefing by the Cover Manager, you’ve also got to find and get to the class room unless there is an assembly first.

Trick is for supply teachers new to a school is to turn up nice and early in a relaxed manner to set the day up well. Rushing around because of traffic or one couldn’t find the entrance to the school is the last thing a new supply teacher needs to be setting a good impression with the school.

If you are delayed for whatever reason we ask teachers to let us know they are going to be late so we can inform the school. When travelling by car it is essential that you pull over to speak on your phone. Under no circumstances should a teacher call us from a car if they are driving.

So bottom line arrive early if you are new to the school and arrive on time if you are familiar with the school and students.