When I joined 4myschools in December 2016, I was a school leaver who was keen to jump into the world of recruitment, which is exactly what I did.

Although I had worked previously, it was not in an office setting; school only teaches you so much about what life is like in the REAL world and the lifestyle you will have when you have a full-time job. 

During my Apprenticeship, I studied to achieve a Business Administration qualification and had support from my mentor who visited me at the 4myschools office to ensure I kept on track. I gained knowledge from my colleagues and CEO Simone Payne which progressed to help me in the coming years with my chosen career within recruitment. Not only did I gain an enormous amount of information regarding the education recruitment world, but I also gained confidence, something which since leaving school I lacked. 

This confidence not only changed the way I spoke to candidates and clients within the business, but also changed the way I was perceived by my friends and family which allowed me to form better and stronger relationships, something which boosted my mental health. 

After finishing my apprenticeship at 4myschools, I was offered a job as a Compliance Administrator, and have been growing into this role ever since. I can honestly say I love it and feel valued and appreciated every day. The job is not easy, every day is different, and I am encouraged regularly to be the best version of myself by my CEO.

When the pandemic and later lockdown hit in March 2020, it was unexpected, and something as a young adult I never considered I would have to deal with. Like many other people, I had my worries about what was going to happen with the business and ultimately how things were going to turn out over the months ahead. We are a super supportive and close team, and our worries were heard and seen by our CEO Simone Payne. As a team, we felt reassured and knew that whatever happened, we would be looked after. Knowing this made it easier to be supportive of our candidates who were all furloughed if the government regulations allowed. 

During the lockdown period, I was chosen to work independently within the compliance team for a period to keep the business running, many were furloughed to help protect our future jobs. I believe this time allowed me to flourish and gave me the push I needed to start making my own decisions. 

In December 2021 I will have been with 4myschools for 5 years. I have learnt an insane amount, not only do to with education recruitment, business and everything that goes in hand with this, but knowledge to do with life! Coming from a school setting with no idea as to what is out there was difficult, but the entire team continue to support me, even now. 

4myschools is an amazing company to work for, with a strong ethos, values and vision. My role in Compliance has shaped me into the young woman I am today, and I cannot thank the team enough for their support and belief in me. 

I am looking forward to the coming year and being able to help make a difference to schools and children who need our support to help keep the education system recover and grow stronger than ever. 

I am proud of my contribution to keeping our schools open for key worker children, proud of 4myschools for the support it offered our candidates and proud to be part of a great education system.

Jasmine Purcell 4 my schools Apprenticeship

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