Supply Teacher Testimonials

“This is by far the best agency I have worked for. I get plenty of work which is great”
Margaret – Essex Secondary Supply Teacher

“4myschools staff are friendly, efficient and helpful. I am given the hours I asked for and am often offered work at schools I have visited previously. Building relationships and becoming familiar with routines enables me to give my best to the school and to the children”
Fiona – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“Always feel as though I have been treated fairly and offered appropriate placements. Also, that there are opportunities for professional development”
Judith – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“I have had a huge amount of ‘introductions’ during my time with the agency, thereafter it’s about doing a professional job. Very personable contacts who make themselves available during holiday time. I feel my ‘contact’ has my interests at heart and continues to ‘touch base’ with the school(s) I work out to secure additional work. Any concerns I have had have been dealt with promptly”
Kim – Suffolk Secondary Supply Teacher

“4myschools have worked closely with me, so that I was registered and ready for the new school year, while keeping in constant contact once the term had begun. They offer advice on how best to enhance relationships, so you get requested back, along with obtaining feedback on the cover session, to adapt how they work & support me. Penny & Clare have shown extreme professionalism throughout, while retaining the human element, which makes it more appealing to work with 4myschools over other agencies”
Christopher – Essex Secondary Supply Teacher

“I find everyone very helpful and kind. I like the fact that 4myschools gives back to the local community and children around the world”
Dawn – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“Excellent professionals in the 4MS office”
Isobel – Suffolk Secondary Supply Teacher

“Friendly and professional team. A pleasure to work with”
Claudie – Hertfordshire Secondary Supply Teacher

“An extremely efficient service. No time-wasting offers. All offers of work are within the travel time I asked for”
Lucy – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“Friendly staff, efficient systems, lots of work in great schools”
Helen – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“The people at 4mySchools are really helpful and always seem to be on your side. They are helpful if any problems arise. They seem to do the best they can for you”
Michael – Suffolk Secondary Supply Teacher

“Friendly and helpful staff have made the experience of registering and undertaking work very good. There is a clear system for offering work along with clear guidelines for where to go and what to do once work has been accepted”
Sarah – Norfolk Primary Supply Teacher

“The registration process was efficient, yet also friendly at the same time. Our skills and professionalism are respected. Everyone on the team I have spoken with has always been most helpful, listening to preferences and doing their best to meet these”
Barbara – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“Personal knowledge of me and my needs. Good school choice”
Bernard – Essex Secondary Supply Teacher

“Whole team have been excellent and helpful throughout my whole experience. I have had work almost everyday I’ve said I am available and everyone’s very friendly”
Louis – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“Always quick to answer any queries, quick sign up, very friendly and helpful”
Kerry – Essex Primary Supply Teacher

“Very straightforward to deal with. Always professional and very supportive. Provide lots of work opportunities, both long and short term”
Peter – Essex Secondary Supply Teacher

“Excellent agency, no probs ever encountered and I have worked with them for over ten years”
Paul – Essex Secondary Supply Teacher

“Very well organised- the app and text/email system are fantastic. Becky Holden, Andy Mansfield and Jasmine Purcell from Colchester branch have been amazing. They made my experience the best and I would highly recommend 4myschools to other teachers. Thank you”
Alice – Suffolk Primary Supply Teacher

“The staff are always helpful and considerate. They will always do their utmost to support you and give feedback”
Rita – Essex Primary Supply Teacher

“I am very pleased with the communication I receive from everyone and also the amount and type of bookings”
Lisa – Essex Primary Supply Teacher

“Have been helpful and efficient in finding me work”
Tracy – Essex Primary Supply Teacher