Being a supply teacher in Hertfordshire offers a terrific opportunity. Hertfordshire is a relatively small county in terms of area with a massive variance of schools, it covers over 1600 square KM’s and has the benefit of schools within the London pay scale, fringe scale and outside London scale. This gives teachers the opportunity to maximise earnings without all the challenges of being a supply teacher in central London.  Conversely, the opposite side of the county offers teachers the chance to work with schools that in some cases have small classes of just 15 children. 

4myschools will strive to secure you the best daily rate we can being 195th of the salary the school would pay you if they employed you themselves. In the early days of day-to-day supply, whilst you are building your reputation we may have to agree to a lower rate. However, for longer-term cover, we have a great track record of securing current main pay scale from day one.

Hertfordshire attracts many people who wish to be close to London and wish to enjoy its beautiful countryside and parks. It boasts the best employment statistics in the country and rental prices are on average 43% lower than in London.

To make life easier Hertfordshire has the bonus of good roads such as the M25, M11 and A10 making travel relatively easy – although it is advisable to avoid known bottlenecks such as the lovely little bridge at Little Hadham, which is many people’s daily commute nightmare until the long-awaited bypass is completed in late summer 2021. This route makes journey times difficult for anyone coming into or out of Bishops Stortford, although once you are past that it is plain sailing to head both North and South within the county. 

Train routes in Hertfordshire are superb with towns like Stevenage, Watford Hitchin, Bishops Stortford and St Albans City having excellent train links to London and the rest of the country. 

Depending on where you prefer to work in Hertfordshire there are several densely built-up areas with excellent schools, although inevitably there are some more challenging schools too, as is the same in every county. 

If you prefer a more rural location, there are beautiful villages all over the county such as Great Amwell near the county town of Hertford or Baldock in North Hertfordshire not far from the first Garden City of Letchworth.

Hertfordshire currently has 486 primary schools and 151 Secondary Schools who on average perform consistently well above the national average with Ofsted reports being predominantly good. 

Hertfordshire also boasts some of the best independent schools in the country too such as St Albans Boys, St Albans Girls, Haberdashers, and some of the less traditional such as St Christopher’s in Letchworth Garden City.

4myschools have been working with Hertfordshire schools since 2009 and are pleased to not just support experienced teachers who want permanent placements or want to take on a role as a supply teacher but also support NQTs and candidates wanting to make the move towards teaching or are returning to teaching.

As part of the recruitment service, we spend time listening to what work teachers would like to do and in which area they wish to work and take care to make sure the opportunities and outcomes wanted are as expected. To help teachers we provide an ongoing programme of subsidised CPD to all supply teachers and have run plenty of courses on amongst other things safeguarding, radicalisation, behaviour management, teaching computing, delivering outstanding lessons, mindset and mental health issues with further CPD sessions planned every year.

For schools we provide excellent services for supply teachers and recruitment, we also provide a free schools jobs board to enable schools to advertise all their staff vacancies with no obligation where applicants apply directly to the school. The jobs board and all the schools vacancies are actively boosted through social media which has proved beneficial to many schools and teachers.  If you would like a chat to explore teaching opportunities in Hertfordshire and how 4myschools can help you find your dream role, please get in touch.